EmHyTeC2012 -Euro-mediterranean Hydrogen Technologies Conference 2012
1 April, 2012This conference is organized by the project partners of Empowering Tunisian Renewable Energies Research Activities (ETRERA) 
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RWE, E.ON Abandon Horizon Nuclear Project in UK
30 March, 2012RWE and E.ON announced today that they will be abandoning their plan to build nuclear reactors in the UK, citing financial difficulties ..read on»
Volvo contests EC predictions on electric cars
30 March, 2012The European Commission’s forecast of a 3-4% market share for electric cars by 2020 is unrealistic, chief executive of Volvo Cars Stefan Jacoby told an industry seminar in Brussels on Tuesday. 
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HYDROGEN ENERGY FOR LIFE-A European Conference on Hydrogen Economy & Production Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)
19 March, 2012The International Conference “Hydrogen Energy for Life” on renewable hydrogen production will be held in Thessaloniki (Greece) on 24 May, 2012 ..read on»
EU Council supports pilot phase of project bonds for energy and transport infrastructure
7 March, 2012The Commission had put forward a proposal on a pilot project on project bonds.
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Hamburg opens Europe’s largest hydrogen fuelling station
5 March, 2012The HafenCity, supported by the German federal government through the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, was officially inaugurated in Hamburg.
The fuelling station will be operated by Vattenfall and will supply renewable hydrogen to both cars and buses. The plant is part of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership between Hamburg and Berlin and its total capacity of 760 kg of hydrogen per day makes it the largest of such a kind in Europe.
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Fuel Cell Today publishes Report on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Finland
2 March, 2012Fuel Cell Today has published a series of five reports on the Nordic countries, one which gives a brief overview of the energy context in Finland.  Finland’s particular strength is in the use of wood-based biomass for energy. Over a fifth of its primary energy consumption is met by bioenergy, one of the highest proportions among the OECD member countries, and it has the highest share of biomass in electricity generation in the world.
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US State of the Union Calls for 80% clean electricity in 2035
5 February, 2012During his annual State of the Union Address President Obama called for an American commitment to innovation and advanced, clean energy.
President Obama has laid out a Blueprint for an energy strategy which relies on “American-made energy and the skills of American workers”.
Implementing a clean energy standard: The centerpiece of President Obama’s plan to develop and use more clean energy calls for establishing a “clean energy standard,” which would require utility companies to produce a larger percentage of their electricity from clean energy sources over time –including renewable sources such as wind, solar, biomass, hydropower, and nuclear, among others. With this requirement in place, clean sources would account for 80 percent of our electricity by 2035. Besides reducing carbon emissions, implementing a standard would create a larger domestic market for developing new, innovative energy technologies—and the many jobs that would come along with it.
Targeted tax incentives: To further support a growing clean energy industry, President Obama’s Blueprint calls for renewing and extending a number of already successful tax incentives. This includes tax incentives for clean energy manufacturing, which could create up to 100,000 jobs, and the Production Tax Credit to support investment in the deployment of clean energy technologies.
Opening public lands: Developing the new technologies we need is only one part of the clean energy equation. The other part requires […]
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Transport in ETS to enable the great transition, study shows
4 February, 2012The European Think Tank Bruegel launched a study sponsored by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking FCH JU, entitled “Public Support for the ..read on»