Belt and Road: world’s first FC tramway in….
31 October, 2019Ballard on October 29, 2019 announced the commissioning of Phase 1 of the Gaoming Tram Project in Foshan City,  the world’s first commercial fuel cell-powered on»
7th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns – Geneva 2013
4 July, 2012Governance and finance for sustainable development will be at the forefront of the 7th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, which will take place in the City of Geneva, a global leader in international finance and trade, and international diplomacy and cooperation. on»
The President of the Republic of Cyprus presents Presidency Programme in Strasbourg
2 July, 2012On Wednesday July 4, 2012, at the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr on»
McPhy Energy expands operations in Europe
8 June, 2012McPhy Energy S.A, announced the appointment of Roland Kaeppner as CEO for McPhy Energy Germany, effective August 1st.
Roland Kaeppner joins McPhy from his position as Vice President and Head of Siemens Hydrogen Solutions. He has deep roots in the electrochemical and industry infrastructure business and held various leadership functions within the Siemens Industry Sector. He will lead and build the new operations as part of McPhy’s global expansion strategy. on»
Vehicle makers urge EU to act upon CARS21 recommendations
6 June, 2012Brussels, 6 June 2012 – The European automobile manufacturers welcome the main recommendations of the final report adopted, today, by CARS21 on»
Spain Update: desde el cuàndo y el dònde, a ahora y ya
26 April, 2012Sagrari Miguel is the new office manager of the Spanish Hydrogen Association, AeH2.  As a post  graduate in renewables energy, fuel cells and hydrogen, she joined the team of AeH2 last June. The Spanish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform, of which the AeH2 is the technical secretariat,  was recently invited to a meeting at the new Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in which the deputy secretary for research development and innovation confirmed the importance of this platform for Spain’s future development strategy. on»
Hannover Fair FCEV Drive and Ride refuelled by green hydrogen
25 April, 2012The FCEV and EV Drive and Ride at the Hannover Fair is a big success: long lines, even in the rain, are forming the first days of the fair for test drives . The Fair with more than 5.000 exhibitors, over half foreign, has seen an increase of exhibitors of 8%.  ”Greenintelligence” has been the fair’s theme over recent years and the clean energy and clean transport showcases are also this year very prominent. The Drive and Ride includes the VW Tuareg HyMotion, Daimler FCELL,  Honda FCX Clarity and Toyota FCHV adv and Opel  HydroGen4, who is bringing 10 FCEV to the fair. on»
Connecting Europe Facility
16 April, 2012The next discussion on the Connecting Europe Facility will be held in the European Parliament on Tuesday, 24 April 2012 at 10.30 in a Joint on»
Switzerland’s Hydrogen powered Street Sweeper
3 April, 2012For the past two years Switzerland’s CityCat Hydrogen Street Sweeper has been busy cleaning Basel’s streets. on»
Germany to investigate the potential of converting wind power to hydrogen as an energy source
2 April, 2012Germany is investigating the potential of converting wind power to hydrogen as an energy source in the wake of the country’s decision to move away from nuclear power. on»