100% renewable targets will require power storage to manage flows on the net
Electrolysers utilise these intermittent power flows to produce H2 gas from water
H2 gas can be stored in large quantities underground and transported via existing gas pipelines
H2 vehicles recharge faster and are more durable than battery powered transport
Growing H2 demand in industrial processes will reduce costs and increase supply

The EHA entered an new era in June appointing Ian Williamson of Air Products as its first president representing industry.  Ian is succeeding Lars Sjunnesson who has represented the Swedish national hydrogen association in the EHA  for over 7 years. Under Lars’s guidance the association membership has increased from 5 national associations in 2000 to 19 national member associations and 7 of the main hydrogen infrastructure companies, Shell Hydrogen, Statoil, ENI, Air Products, Linde, Air liquide and Hydrogenics Europe today. Ian Williamson indicated that the EHA with this unique membership structure  is well placed to foster local deployment and infrastructure build- up and that he is committed to support national association members to facilitate a broad market uptake of the first commercial hydrogen applications throughout Europe.
With the development of electric transport throughout Europe, the role of hydrogen in electric fuel cell vehicles will become more imminent.  The EHA therefore seeks to actively contribute to the upcoming EU White Paper on Sustainable Transport for Europe and has submitted its contribution to the Comission’s consultation on an EU Energy 2011 -2020 strategy. In collaboration with HyER (formerly HyRaMP) a Workshop is scheduled on large scale infrastructure development for key national and regional stakeholders on October 20, 2010 in Brussels. For more inforamtion and registration please contat the EHA secretariat at [email protected]

Ian Williamson, new president of the EHA
23 June, 2010Ian Williamson, director of Air Products' Hydrogen and Bio Energy business, was appointed as new EHA president by the EHA General Assembly on June 22 in ..read on»
June 22, 2010 EHA Annual General Assembly and EHA National Association Action Meeting
22 June, 2010The EHA is organizing its 10th Annual General Assembly amd Annual National Association Action meeting on June 22, 2010 focussing on national support actions to implement EU transport and energy decarbonisation targets. The recent EU communication on Clean and Energy Effcient Vehciles, the development of a White Paper on Sustainable Transport for Europe, the Strategic Transport Technology Plan all require acceleration of national support for hydrogen and fuel cell development to ensure rapid uptake of commercial applications. The EHA National Association Action meeting will highlight key developments in several EU countries as well as updates on the most important EU dossiers to stimulate the rigth actions at Member State level. To register send an email to [email protected] with name organisation and tel. number.
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EU publishes list of critical raw materials.
18 June, 2010The availibilty of raw materials that are an essential part of both high tech products and every-day consumer products, such as mobile phones, thin layer photovoltaics, Lithium-ion batteries, fibre optic cable, synthetic fuels, among others is increasingly under pressure according to a report, published on June 17, by an expert group chaired by the European Commission. In this first ever overview on the state of access to raw materials in the EU, the experts label a selection of 14 raw materials as “critical” out of 41 minerals and metals analysed. The growing demand for raw materials is driven by the growth of developing economies and new emerging technologies. The list was established in the framework of the 2008 EU Raw Materials Initiative1 in close cooperation with Member States and stakeholders. The results of the report will be used for the drafting of a forthcoming communication on strategies to ensure access to raw materials which the Commission will publish in autumn 2010.
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Third JTI Call for proposals is out.
18 June, 2010The Official Journal of the EU , announced  in its June 18 , 2010 issue the publication of the third Call for proposals of the ..read on»
EC launches publication on European Industrial Initiatives on Energy
8 June, 2010The European Commission published an overview of the European Industrial Initiaitves that are being established under the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan ( SET-Plan).   The core idea behind ..read on»