100% renewable targets will require power storage to manage flows on the net
Electrolysers utilise these intermittent power flows to produce H2 gas from water
H2 gas can be stored in large quantities underground and transported via existing gas pipelines
H2 vehicles recharge faster and are more durable than battery powered transport
Growing H2 demand in industrial processes will reduce costs and increase supply
EHA at biggest Hannover Fair Group Exhibit Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Batteries in 20 years!
7 February, 2014The EHA, together with HyER and the HySafe association will display a wide variety of national and regional activities at a large stand at the ..read on»
AFHYPAC reaffirms the key role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy transition
16 January, 2014In December 2013, AFHYPAC elected a new Board, composed of six members
Air Liquide receives first two hydrogen fuel cell vehicles registered in France
6 December, 2013Air Liquide and Hyundai Motor France announced the handover of the keys to the two first Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) registered in France. These hydrogen-powered ..read on»
UK Parliamentary event “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: European success stories across the energy and transport landscape”
3 December, 2013On 15th October 2013 took place in Westminster the Parliamentary event “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: European success stories across the energy and transport landscape” ..read on»
Fuel cell bus stops also in Riga – a premiere in the Baltic states
18 November, 2013On 16 October there was for the first time in the Baltic States the opportunity to get acquainted with hydrogen car, Hyundai ix35 FCEV, and ..read on»
EHA co-organizes third IPHE H2igher Educational Rounds in Japan
18 November, 2013On November 18, 2013 the EHA in cooperation with the International Partnership for fuel cells and Hydrogen in the Economy, IPHE organized the third H2igher ..read on»
Rolling up one sleeve…
6 November, 2013After the announcement of the ambition of 6 major hydrogen refuelling infrastructure suppliers last September to invest 350 mln in a 400 hydrogen station network ..read on»
“Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Nordic Countries” conference in Oslo
6 November, 2013The "Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Nordic Countries" conference was held on on the 31st of October and 1st of November in conjunction with ..read on»
UK FC and H2 Association invade British Parliament
22 October, 2013At a packed, standing room only, Parliamentary event last night the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA), MPs and key stakeholders received evidence of ..read on»
EcoIsland Hydrogen Vehicle Refueller project
3 October, 2013The EHA member ITM Power is leading the EcoIsland Hydrogen Vehicle Refueller, a project supported by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board ..read on»