Will Synergy be Connecting Europe starting today?
After a successful first Synergy event organized by the EU Commission in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastrucutre Watermanagement and Environment in the ..read on»
Hydrogen rocks…. bottom?
The continuing rain and damp in Northern Europe,  accompanying the hottest winter to-date, seem to have hit hydrogen especially hard this February 2024.... On February 2, ..read on»
Pushing H2 Demand
As both Bloomberg and the World Hydrogen Council end of 2023 have been calling for an urgent need for action to push H2 demand, what ..read on»
Hee H2! We need a ten fold effort to stay on Net Zero course!
According to the latest Hydrogen Insight of December 2023 of the Hydrogen Council/McKinsey,  electrolyser installations need to increase with a factor of 250, from 1.1GW ..read on»
Made in Europe, Renewable Hydrogen at 4,5 euro’s kg, anyone?
Hydrogen made in Europe under 4,5 euro's per kg is here to come! The First EU Hydrogen Auction, launched under the European Hydrogen Bank, read on»
H2ands of soil, air and water in Global South
On the first Day of the EU Hydrogen Week on November 20-24 2023 in Brussels, critics of Europe's growing hydrogen import ambitions, joined the crowds ..read on»
Going once going twice…… EU Hydrogen Bank first H2 auctions
The EU is kicking of its last Commission year with a bang: the first EU domestic green hydrogen auction will be launched November 23, 2023 ..read on»
Where will all this green hydrogen be coming from?
As indicated in the REPowerEU Plan, the “development of port infrastructure and their connection to both industrial and transport users in the vicinity will be ..read on»
Banking on Hydrogen…..
Announced a year ago in European Station of Union, September 2022, the Commission on August 30, 2023, published the Terms and Conditions (T&C) for ..read on»
As of July 11, 2023 Europe’s hydrogen is officially renewabled!
On June 20, 2023 the Commission  published the two delegated acts  on the EU definition of renewable hydrogenl ..read on»