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HyNor Porsgrunn

Location: Porsgrunn, Norway
Opening date: June, 2007
Pressure: 700 bar

Rotherham Wind Hydrogen Station

Location: Catcliffe, United Kingdom
Opening date: September 2015
Pressure: 350 and 700 bar

HYPE / Pont de l’Alma

Location: Paris, France
Opening date:
Pressure: 700 bar

Multienergy station Bolzano

Location: Bolzano, Italy
Opening date: 2015
Pressure: 350 bar

Holstebro - Non-Road DK

Location: Holstebro, Denmark
Opening date: June, 2011
Pressure: 700 bar

TOTAL Heerstraße 37

Location: Berlin, Germany
Opening date: 2012
Pressure: 700 bar

Hyop Gaustad

Location: Oslo, Norway
Opening date: November, 2011
Pressure: 700 bar

Air Liquide Hydrogen Refueling Station

Location: Rhoon, The Netherlands
Opening date: 2016
Pressure: 70MPa

Holstebro Refueling Station

Location: Holstebro, Denmark
Opening date:
Pressure: 70MPa

H2 Logic A/S has recently supplied a hydrogen refuelling station 150 meters north of the polar circle, at the Arctic Driving Centre in Finland. The station is based on H2Station® technology and provides three minutes fast fill of hydrogen at 700 bar for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) being tested by car manufacturers under extreme cold climate conditions. The station is rented by the leading Finish gas company Oy Woikoski Ab which also handles the supply of hydrogen.

The decision by the driving centre to install facilities for testing of FCEVs was in response to demand from automotive OEMs.

Despite an average temperature of −15°C and sometimes as low as −45°C, FCEVs should be able to refuel for long ranges in a few minutes, just as if they were using gasoline. Fast-fill of hydrogen to any FCEV at any refuelling station worldwide, irrespective of local climate, is possible thanks to various industrial and globally agreed hydrogen refuelling standards such as the SAE J2601 fuelling protocol and because of a globally agreed nozzle design.

The H2Station® from H2 Logic provides full compliance with all applicable international standards, including refuelling in accordance with the specifications in SAE J2601, thus offering three minutes fast fill.

During 2011 H2 Logic opened similar fast-fill stations based on the H2Station®technology in Denmark and Norway, with several more stations planned and under manufacture during 2012.

Source: FuelCellToday