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HyNor Porsgrunn

Location: Porsgrunn, Norway
Opening date: June, 2007
Pressure: 700 bar

Rotherham Wind Hydrogen Station

Location: Catcliffe, United Kingdom
Opening date: September 2015
Pressure: 350 and 700 bar

HYPE / Pont de l’Alma

Location: Paris, France
Opening date:
Pressure: 700 bar

Multienergy station Bolzano

Location: Bolzano, Italy
Opening date: 2015
Pressure: 350 bar

Holstebro - Non-Road DK

Location: Holstebro, Denmark
Opening date: June, 2011
Pressure: 700 bar

TOTAL Heerstraße 37

Location: Berlin, Germany
Opening date: 2012
Pressure: 700 bar

Hyop Gaustad

Location: Oslo, Norway
Opening date: November, 2011
Pressure: 700 bar

Air Liquide Hydrogen Refueling Station

Location: Rhoon, The Netherlands
Opening date: 2016
Pressure: 70MPa

Holstebro Refueling Station

Location: Holstebro, Denmark
Opening date:
Pressure: 70MPa

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Hydrogen industry first in responding to EU’s call for clean transport investment.8 October, 2013 The last day of September might become the first day of a step change in hydrogen refueling station development in Europe; after challenging rounds of on»
Hydrogen Infrastructure for Europe: covering every 300 km?9 September, 2013 In the latest feedback on the discussions on the specifications in Art 5 on Hydrogen Refueling Stations, HRS,in the EU Commission’s proposal for an EU Directive on Alternative fuels infrastructure  (COM 2013/18) it seems that Member States are hesitant in confirming targets for hydrogen stations. Many refer to the need to align the roll out of infrastructure with the roll of out of  (fuel cell) vehicles. Industry is questioning if the 300 km distance between stations of a national HRS network is not too high, referring to the need for solid urban HRS networks as well. on»
Turning heads: towards a Hydrogen Event of the Year2 August, 2013 In this season of festivals it is tempting to imagine a hydrogen event that will turn heads and attract the crowds of Glastonbury, V Festival, Pukkelpop or Aix en Provence. Hydrogen conferences to date have attracted mostly researchers, application developers, consultants, government officials (sent of paying out of pocket), students (sent or paying out of pocket), retired engineers regretting not to be part of this wave. Although the H2 and FC industry over the last 7 years has achieved remarkable results in terms of performance and costs and many Drive and Rides are part of the program,  the general public let alone VIP or even local press do not seem to find their way yet to these events. The coming European FC and H2 event season offer an opportunity to change this tide: the EHA will be presenting at the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety, September 9- 11 in Brussels, on»
EHA AGM puts national hydrogen associations at centre stage in H2 roll out3 July, 2013 At the last EHA Annual General Meeting on June 28, 2013,  EHA members discussed how to effectively engage EHA’s network of 21 national associations in the new hydrogen infrastructure opportunities described in recent EU policy. Both the EU Clean Power for Transport package, presented last January and the EU Energy Technologies and Innovation communication of last May have put hydrogen at the forefront of EU ‘s clean transport and energy ambitions. This will require strong local stakeholder networks that are able to  develop and execute local hydrogen deployment strategies that make use of the excellent European technologies in this field that are now entering commercial stage. The presentation of DG Energy  at the AGM,  on the EU’s expectations on the role of electrolysis in energy storage, pointed to the need to explain that the rapidly increasing need for energy storage needs to take into account the time and investment required to arrive at competitive storage solutions like hydrogen. on»
EHA’s Annual General Assembly on June 28, 2013 Brussels turns national6 June, 2013 At this year’s Annual General Assembly on June 28, 2013 in Brussels, during the EU Sustainable Energy Week,  the EHA will highlight the activities of its various national associations in the development of national H2Mobility programs that are currently under way in several  countries in Europe.  Over the last year the EHA, in collaboration with HyER, has supported the development of the first hydrogen project funded by the EU Trans European Network for Transport (TEN T), the HIT project (Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport), that is supported by four countries along a 1000 km TEN T corridor from Gothenburg to Rotterdam. The project, that was signed by the Ministries of Transport and Infrastructure of Sweden, Denmark and France and is coordinated by the Netherlands, is seeking to harmonize National Implementation Plans for the build up of hydrogen refueling stations.  These NIP’s seek to identify sustainable market deployment strategies that involve the most important national stakeholders, including SME and are linked to the strategies of neighbouring countries. on»
EHA AGM June 28, 2013: What has Hydrogen in Store for 2014-2020?1 May, 2013 Over the last few of months the reference to hydrogen in key EU transport and energy policy dossiers is asking for clear and realistic strategies for the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell applications throughout Europe. A recent meeting organised by the EU Commission on “Hydrogen in the Economy” saw a line-up of detailed presentations on the contribution of different hydrogen applications to EU’s new ambitions for 2030 if not 2050. The meeting also demonstrated different approaches of car OEM, power companies and turbine industry to hydrogen and fuel cell deployment in future vehicles, stationary applications and as grid balancing solutions. on»
EHA featuring expertise in national hydrogen infrastructure development.7 March, 2013 The EHA has been collaborating with its 21 national member associations to communicate relevant EU and project results to key stakeholders at national and local level. Over 300 companies active in hydrogen fuel cell development are represented by the EHA national associations. As an associate partner of the European Association for the Storage of Energy, EASE , EHA industry members have contributed relevant hydrogen storage information to the EU Roadmap for Energy Storage Technologies that EASE is developing collaboration with ERA and the Commission to map the technology development needs that could be included in future EU work programs. The EHA is also activating its national members to get in touch with their transport ministries to collect the responses of national governments to the EU Clean Power for Transport package that was presented last January. on»
New era for hydrogen sector in EU alternative fuel ambition?29 January, 2013 The European Hydrogen Association, EHA, representing 21 national associations promoting the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in clean transport and energy applications, welcomes the EU Commission Communication on Clean Power for Transport and its support of the role of hydrogen in decarbonising Europe’s transport system. As several EU Member States have made impressive steps in planning their national hydrogen production, distribution and refuelling station network the need to start the harmonisation of these national efforts, to ensure a sustainable roll out in all EU Member States in the future, is crucial. Through its network of national member associations the EHA is representing over 300 large as well as small and medium-sized companies active in hydrogen and fuel cell system development, many of them market leaders. National associations have up-close insight in which key political and industrial stakeholders to engage in national infrastructure development efforts. on»
Introduction4 October, 2012 As the pavements of Brussels are once again filled with the hustle and bustle of employees returning after the summer holidays, the EU Institutions too are back at full speed paving the way for high-performing, sustainable and efficiently interconnected trans-European networks in the fields of transport, energy and digital services through the EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) a 50 billon growth package under the Multi Annual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020.  During a high level CEF conference on 2 October EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barosso vigorously defended the CEF plan during negotiations as he said, for him, it is one of the most prominent features for growth in the proposed MFF 2014-2020. However the CEF fails to secure budget for alternative fuel infrastructure build up in its energy and transport budget. The EHA therefore over the last weeks has stepped up its lobbying of EP rapporteurs to include the amendments that the EHA in collaboration with HyER and the NEW IG proposed. Rapporteur Adina-Ioana Vălean inserted a reference to the need to include synergy projects that link transport and energy in which she mentions specifically electricity and hydrogen. on»
Introduction9 September, 2012 As summer finally closes in and the first leaves begin to fall from the trees, the hydrogen topic appears to be evergreen and continues to grow! This Autumn features the launch of the European Hydrogen Road Tour by H2 Moves Scandinavia, bringing a fleet of FCEVs across Europe spanning 9 cities in an effort to reach out to politicians, industry, press and public through seminars and Ride and Drive events to get the message across – hydrogen vehicles are already here! Scandinavia’s  pioneering efforts in the field of hydrogen  were again demonstrated by the opening of a hydrogen refuelling station in Hynor Lillestrom  recently. This is the fifth hydrogen refuelling station in the Greater Oslo Area, four of which are car-related stations, while all five stations are operating at 700 bar pressure. on»
Introduction :Storing Clean Energy in Future Urban Networks3 August, 2012 As July rained by in Brussels, strays of hydrogen appearances in EU dossiers  pointed to increasing expectations on the development of clean hydrogen production and distribution networks that offer solutions for Europe’s increasing energy storage and emission reduction challenges . The Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) Communication that was presented on July 2012 in Brussels, is dedicated “to demonstrating commercial-scale solutions in a small number flocations, thus supporting European cities and communities to meet their commitments in the fields of energy, transport, air quality or climate change mitigation.” on»
Introduction6 July, 2012 June saw the successful launch of the Let Hydrogen Move You  event hosted by EHA, HyER, and the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking at the Palais des Academies in Brussels on June 21. The event showcased updates of the most recent activities in the main fuel cell vehicles  demonstration projects across Europe.  A Drive and Ride gave participants and member of the public an opportunity to test drive, electric battery, hybrid and fuel cell cars.
The EHA annual generally assembly coincided with the above event which saw the election of a new Board.  EHA would like to warmly welcome Henning Tomforde of the Linde Group  also say goodbye to two long standing members of the board, Jaco Reijerkerk of Linde Group, Benelux and Jacques Smolenaars of the Dutch Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. We thank them for their efforts and contributions over the years and wish them every success in their future ventures. on»
Introduction8 June, 2012 This month hydrogen “moved” a lot of communities around the world. At the World Hydrogen Energy Conference, WHEC 2012, more than 1.000 registered participants, gathering in  the financial district in downtown Toronto, tried to move the Canadian government to step up its support for larger scale use of hydrogen as an energy storage solution and in clean urban transport.  The EHA presented several FCH JU projects at the WHEC (HyFacts and HyLift Demo) and co organised a session at the WHEC on collaboration between “emerging hydrogen economies”. This session  followed a meeting in Capetown in which  South Africa moved the country representatives at the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel cells meeting to a whole new level of  global collaboration engaging local players and expertise. on»
Introduction27 April, 2012 The Energy Tax Directive proposal that  the EU Commission presented last year was voted down on April 19 as the Parliament was not ready to increase taxes in the current economical climate. According to the EC  proposal, the motor fuel tax shall be split between a CO2 based and an energy based component by introducing a minimum flat tax for all fuels to be implemented stepwise until 2018,  offering an option to the Member States to postpone any tax increase to 2023. The EP report recognized the need for consistency with regards to the rates of taxation, but suggested a highet tax on diesel and supportive measures for CNG and biogas. The proposed new tax system would automatically redistribute the relative advantages of various fuels in terms of CO2 emissions. on»
Introduction5 December, 2011 This month important EU programs for the commercialization of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell applications gathered in Brussels and Antwerp. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking celebrated its mid-term Stakeholder General Assembly highlighting the contribution of several projects to its commercialization objective. EHA participates as dissemination partner in 5 projects that were included: HyFACTS, FC-HyGuide, SHEL, HyLIFT-DEMO, HyPROFESSIONALS.
In the keynote on the following day the need to leverage more public funding at all levels to support a smooth market roll out was one of the key messages. Following the events, the EHA interviewed FCH JU president of the Governing Board Pierre Etienne Franc and asked him how he views the role of national associations as well as the EHA.
The EU Trans European Network for Transport invited the president of HyER , the renamed HyRaMP Partnership for Hydrogen Fuels Cells and Electro-Mobility in European Regions, to its info days on the new TEN-T Guidelines in Antwerp to present his views on how hydrogen and fuel cell technologies could best be integrated in the TEN-T network in the coming 20 years. The EHA and HyER are currently exploring the preparation of proposal under the upcoming TEN-T Call. on»
Introduction7 November, 2011 The kick-off of new vehicles demo projects under the FCH JU program throughout Europe this autumn, coincides with the launch by the EU Commission of new infrastructure programs that are increasingly referring to the need to start serious integration of low carbon technologies in Europe’s energy and transport system.
The presentation of the EU Connecting Europe Facility on October referred to a budget of € 50 bln to Energy ( € 9 bln), ICT ( € 9 bln) and Transport (€ 32 bln).
Especially the reference to the large budget for the Trans European Network for Transport (TEN T) program, that presented its new new Guidelines on the same date, should open opportunities for the integration of the first infrastructures for alternative fuels like hydrogen. The support of the EU Commission at the launch of HyER (former HyRaMP), ”Hydrogen, fuel cells and Electro-mobility in European Regions”, the association of local authorities hosted by the EHA on October 27 in Brussels is demonstrating that EU decision makers are looking to use the results of past and current demo projects to develop fact based policy and large scale programs to achieve the EU targets set out in the recent Transport White Paper. Linking the first hydrogen hubs that are being build up around the EU demonstration projects, along key corridors in Europe should therefore become part of national and regional strategic development. The EHA together with its 21 national member associations is ready to take on the challenge! on»
Introduction29 September, 2011 National Governments are stepping up support of hydrogen in clean energy and transport systems! Recently new funding announcements of several national governments in Europe seem to indicate that the role of hydrogen in clean transport is becoming more and more recognized. Denmark has established 97 million Danish Krones (13 million Euros) will be applied for the development of hydrogen and fuel cells. The Netherlands  aims to facilitate a sufficient infrastructure build up of hydrogen refuelling network to attact the first fuel cell hydrogen car fleets, buses trucks as well as passenger cars with a budget of 5 mln is set aside for these efforts. A total of 3 calls for project proposals strictly in the field of hydrogen technologies will be launched in France up till the end of 2011.  The projects surround the demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, stationary applications, and energy storage. The UK recently opened the first public refuelling station in the country. In view of these developments the EHA recently initiated a dialogue with the FCH JU to step up the EHA’s support in accelerating the engagement of national decision makers in the further roll-out of fuel cell and hydrogen applications and necessary infrastructure. Through its 20 national member associations, the EHA is well placed to inform national stakeholders about EU policy developments and activities in other Member States to stimulate more political and budget commitment. On the other hand EU policy makers need to be updated on recent developments and achievements at national level in order to integrate more support for hydrogen developments in EU programs. In order to leverage this unique position of the EHA and its national associations it is increasingly important to gather information on what is happening at national level and to establish a regular and consistent collaboration with key decision makers at national level to communicate the latest developments. The EHA is presenting updates on the results of the EU funded projects in hydrogen demonstration and deployment at several national association meetings and conferences in Europe, last month in Scotland (WHTC 2011) and Hungary (Chances and Challenges for EU and Hungary). Do not hesitate to contact the EHA secretariat to organize a presentation at one of your events in the near future at: on»
Introduction29 August, 2011 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell transport is breaking barriers and records! The Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, with support of Linde Benelux, built a fuel cell powered formula 1 race car, The FORZE IV. The vehicle broke a fuel cell car record on August 16, 2011 in the Hague, Netherlands. Covering the 1/8th mile in just 10,459 seconds, it beat the previous record by one second! The EHA took the opportunity to interview Jaco Reijerkerk, Head of Business Development Linde Gas Benelux to get his view on the event and the developments in the hydrogen industry. Hamburg, a pioneer in hydrogen bus demonstration in Europe is progressing in full speed as the most recent city to bring new Fuel Cell Hydrogen (FCH) powered buses in regular public transport service. The next cities to follow include Aargau (CH), Bolzano/Bozen (IT), Milan (IT) and Oslo (NO). Earlier this year, London and Cologne also saw the start of FCH bus operation. All mentioned cities are linked to the Clean Hydrogen In European Cities (CHIC) project. In view of the European Council meeting which will address non-budgetary ways to support transport infrastructure build up, EHA in a joint effort with the FCH JU Programme Office, NEW IG and NERGHY , submitted a letter to European Council members on the occasion of the EU Transport Council the beginning of September, underlining the need a comprehensive support strategy and incentives to facilitate the rapid build up of new infrastructure for clean fuels in view of the new TEN T Guidelines. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) closed its 4th call for proposals on August 18th 2011. Results of the evaluations will be available at the end of September 2011. The EHA’s contribution to the dissemination of 5 FCH JU running projects has demonstrated the EHA’s work as an effective communication and information instrument. The EHA over the summer has facilitiated the development of proposals consortia for the current FCH JU 2011 Call and, under the umbrella of FAST, has been included in 3 project proposals which involve the topics of Energy Storage, Training for Emergency Responders and a demp projects for Fuel Cell Forklift Trucks. Increasingly our colleagues in new EU Member States are stepping up their efforts to engage their politicians in hydrogen development. As the Hungarian government is preparing its national energy strategy the Hungarian Hydrogen Association will be hosting a workshop on the 29th of September in Budapest to present the role of hydrogen to local and national officials with regards to opportunities and challenges in national energy and transport systems. The EHA will be presenting the results of the current FCH JU projects it is involved in (see under EHA Project Info) at this event. on»
Introduction27 July, 2011 Along with the summer sun comes new opportunity and milestones for the future of hydrogen and fuel cell promotion and deployment. The French Hydrogen Association (AFH2) and the French Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform (HyPaC) will join their efforts to accelerate the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies’ deployment in France in a new strong national structure which will federate the hydrogen and fuel cell community in France. Materials Handling applications received a lift when Ballard Power Systems committed to purchase a minimum 3,250 fuel cell stacks over the next 18-month period, for use in the material handling market. The HyLIFT-DEMO project held it’s second project meeting this month in Herning, Denmark. During the meeting the prototype forklift for the project was presented. EHA is a partner in both HyLIFT-DEMO and the SHEL project, which will demonstrate fuel cell and hydrogen forklift truck applications in various sites in Europe. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies are foreseen to also reach new markets in developing countries. The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) and the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) will explore the prospects for hydrogen as a key fuel in the future energy system during the ‘Environment and Energy Conclave’ from 25-27th of August in Kalkata, India. The delegation places hydrogen at center stage within a panel discussion ‘Hydrogen: How is it delivering the fuel of the future?’ The public is now able to take part in the work of two European funded projects HyFACTS and FC-HyGuide. HyFACTS has publicized a survey targeted towards regulatory and safety officials able to provide feedback on hydrogen and fuel cell authorization procedures and training of officials in Europe. FC-HyGuide is offering training courses geared to provide interested participants a step-by-step guide on Life Cycle Assessment of hydrogen production and fuel cells. Courses will take place September 2011. (more information on European projects is found below) on»
Introduction1 July, 2011 Another year for EHA was marked with the 11th EHA Annual General Assembly that took place on June 21, 2011 in Oslo, hosted by the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum and the Region of Akkershus. During the meeting Ballast Nedam, a multinational construction company active in gas refuelling station building, was accepted as an EHA industry member and the Irish Hydrogen Association as the EHA’s 20th national association member. This year’s AGM featured the Scandinavian national associations members of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and several Scandinavian companies presenting their latest activities (see presentations under EHA in Action). A visit to Oslo ‘s 700 bar hydrogen refuelling facility and recharging spots demonstrated the impressive progress Region of Akkershus is making in decarbonzing Oslo’s urban transport.
This summer many stakeholders in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry will be busy preparing their proposals before the deadline on August 18, 2011, following the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking publishing of the call for proposals (May 3, 2011). The EHA is verifying participation as a dissemination partner in various proposals leveraging its coverage in now 20 European countries through its national association membership. In addition the EC is launching its FP7 2012 Call this July; information days will take place July 7, 11-12, and 18-19 for the topics Energy Research, Public Private Partnerships and Transport. on»
Towards a Joint Vision on H2 Infrastructure Roll-Out5 June, 2011 Over the past months EHA has been involved in numerous actions with the overall objective to prepare the European context for Hydrogen transport and energy infrastructure. Through Consultations on the Strategic Transport and Technology Plan, Smart Cities Initiative and presence at the Cars 21 working group meetings, EHA was able to emphasize the need to start integrating hydrogen requirements in current transport and energy infrastructure planning while underlining needed technology improvements in battery electric and fuel cell electric power trains to reduce costs, large scale energy storage, smart grids facilitating the deployment of low carbon transport applications. The TEN-T, the Trans-European Network for Transport, will also include a calls for introducing innovative technologies into transport infrastructure projects. During the next info day that will take place June 29 2011, much emphasis will be put in the application of new technologies in transport infrastructure. on»
Introduction1 May, 2011 EHA solutes the the Mercedes Benz F-Cell World Tour as they conclude their final leg through Asia and return to Germany; and although the summer months bring new endings for some, new beginnings for others are underway with the development of two new hydrogen stations within Swindon, UK and Saitama, Japan. The EHA has been active over the last weeks in giving input on H2 infrastructure development in the Cars 21 WG 1 (April 28) and the FTF Expert Group (May 5). More input is needed on the perceived scale of H2 infrastructure needs in relation to the market perspectives on cars and buses. In this respect
the EHA is closely following development in the EU’s TEN T and Energy Infrastructure programmes. New opportunities for FC and H2 projects are offered in the FCH JU Call that came out on May 3 with a budget of more than 200 mln. An excellent opportunity for EHA national associations to actively engage national stakeholders and seek leveraging of national and EU budgets for certain topics! The EHA is also expanding its outreach to the younger generation by announcing the EHA HyTube award at the Challenge Bibendum in Berlin youngsters are
encouraged to send in their YouTube video on hydrogen activities in their country. The summer months will also bring new events to the surface including the EHA General Assembly which will take place on the occasion of a Mid-Summer Hydrogen Fest, a political meeting organised by HyRaMP and the Scandinavian regions. Taking place, in Oslo, Norway June 21st the event will bring together participants from all over Europe active in hydrogen and fuel cell research, development, and deployment within Europe. More information on this collaborative event will be featured in the EHA website in the coming weeks! on»
Introduction7 April, 2011 The EU Smart Cities and Communities Initiative, as part of the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan and further outlined in the EU Commission’s Communication “Energy 2020 – A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy”, with an indicative budget of € 11 bln up to 2020 (COM2009/519) should accelerate the uptake of clean energy technologies in 30 cities throughout Europe. The EU recently has launched a consultation on Smart Cities in which it soliciting concrete project ideas for different technologies. To make sure that hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are included in the Smart Cities efforts, the EHA in collaboration with HyRaMP, NEW IG and Fuel Cell Europe organized a seminar during the EU Sustainable Energy Week on April 13 to highlight hydrogen’s potential in creating Smart an Sustainable European Cities. Hydrogen is already becoming part of European urban transport systems as the Clean Hydrogen In European Cities (CHIC) project, has put 3 Fuel Cell Hydrogen (FCH) buses in regular service through the Streets of London recently, adding 5 more by the end of 2011 in time for the London Olympics in 2012. A total of 26 buses will be introduced within the project in a further 4 locations (Aargau, Milan, Oslo, and Bozen/Bolzano). The Brussels (in)crowd, visiting the EU Charlemagne venue and EU Commissions Berlayemont building were able to “Hop on a CHIC bus” during the EU Sustainable Energy Week on April 12, 13, and 14 to hear about the CHIC project and the five EU projects for which the EHA is facilitating the dissemination (see under EHA Project Info). At the Hanover Fair, where the EHA was present at the 18th edition of the H2 and FC Group Exhibit, the Ride and Drive event draw huge lines to test the Daimler, Opel, Volkswagen and and Nissan FCV’s. While three Daimler B Class fuel cell cars are half way during their world tour….. on»
Introduction2 March, 2011 At the EHA Spring starts early this year. Fuel cell vehicles seem to pop up more frequently in references to electromobility and comments on the long term perspective of hydrogen are contradicted by recent the Mercedes Benz F-Cell World Tour and new refueling station openings. Five Think hydrogen passenger cars will be launched during the he Norwegian Hydrogen Forum General Assembly and EHA industry member McPhy signed a contract with Italy’s largest power company Enel for one of its solid hydrogen storage units. The EHA assisted in the kick off of 5 European funded projects over the last month: February marked the kick off of the HyLIFT-DEMO project, demonstrating 30 Fuel Cell Forklift trucks in 3 European sites, the HyFacts project that is developing training programs for authorisation officials and the HyPROFESSIONALS project which aims to develop educational and training programs for future hydrogen professionals. The EHA also facilitated the first technical expert workshop in Brussels of the The FC-HyGuide project, which aims to develop a guidance manual for the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen based systems and related training materials and courses. Events to look forward to this following month include the HyRaMP commemorative cocktail which will highlight a new beginning for the partnership as it broadens it’s scope to Electromobility on March 16th. Both the EHA and HyRaMP are speaking at the European Parliament Seminar, “Powering Europe’s Future Mobility” hosted by the European political group ALDE on March 15. on»
Introduction31 January, 2011 As the EHA is entering its second decade of promoting hydrogen as a clean and flexible fuel, marked with a re-vamped website, EU policy makers on»
Introduction31 December, 2010 The EHA concluded 2010 making the rounds in the Commission to pick up policy vibes that could further enhance hydrogen's market landscape this decade on»
Introduction30 November, 2010 This past month has given way to new developments in the visibility of hydrogen in Europe on»
Introduction31 October, 2010 The joint EHA /HyER (formerly HyRaMP) workshop on Large Infrastructure Development in Europe on October 20, 2010 confirmed what the study of the Coalition of on»
Introduction30 September, 2010 The EHA has been involved in two EU Commission Working Groups in two different Directorates  that are dealing with importnat aspects of hydrogen deployment in on»
Introduction31 August, 2010 The EHA used the quiet August month in Brussels to visit EU officials to inquire about the Commission's plans for energy and transport infrastructure on»
Introduction31 July, 2010 After the Joint Undertaking for fuel cells and hydrogen announced another round of funding the beginning of summer, publishing the third Call for proposals of 89 on»
Introduction30 June, 2010 The EHA entered an new era in June appointing Ian Williamson of Air Products as its first president representing industry.  Ian is succeeding Lars Sjunnesson on»
Introduction31 May, 2010 May 2010 offered many proofs of product and policy that will put the use of hydrogen more visibly on Europe's map on»
Introduction30 April, 2010 Brussels is bubbling with dossiers that require active contributions of our industry: the EU Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles Strategy, as presented by the EU Commission on»
Introduction31 March, 2010 Spring seems to have arrived in Brussels, especially with regards to new actions on cleaning transport in the EU on»
Introduction28 February, 2010 The announcement of the EU Spanish presidency of an EU Electric Car Plan dominated the news in the first few days of the newly appointed on»
Introduction31 January, 2010 The first month of the second decade of EHA's operations in promoting hydrogen as an energy carrier in Europe, was dedicated to the hearings of on»
Introduction31 December, 2009 The last weeks of 2009 have been dominated by the developments in the UN Climate Conference COP 15 in Copenhagen during which fuel cell cars on»
Introduction30 November, 2009 The first Hydrogen Vehicle Bridge Crossing Event in Europe on November 30 from Malmoe to Copenhagen was the result of a very constructive collaboration between on»
Introduction31 October, 2009 The FCH JU Stakeholders Assembly held in Brussels on October 26-27,  illustrated the impressive progress over the last 12 months in the development of  commercial on»
EHA hosts Second HyRAMP Annual General Assembly.30 September, 2009 HyER (formerly HyRaMP)'s Annual General Assembly on October 7-8, 2009 in Brussels focussed attention on the role of hydrogen in EU's and local energy and on»
Introduction31 August, 2009 August in Brussels saw tropical temperatures as if it was heating up for a new EU Parliament legislative term and the appointment of new Commissioners. on»
Introduction31 July, 2009 The recent approval of the US Senate to increase the budget for hydrogen and fuel cells to € 190 mln for 2010, up from earlier on»
Introduction30 June, 2009 As has been reported in previous EHA newsletters several new funding initiatives as a result of the financial crisis have been recently put in place on»
Introduction31 May, 2009 In view of the recently announced financing programmes of the European Energy Programme for Recovery (see under EU Policy), that covers support for new Interconnections, on»
Introduction23 April, 2009 The US Department of Energy on May 7 announced significant cuts in  hydrogen transport  funding for 2010, as it says it will be concentrating  on on»
Introduction23 March, 2009 Recently funding levels for clean technologies seem to increase  by an addtional three 0's, the talk is billions: €6 billion for the EU Green Cars on»
Introduction23 February, 2009 Over the last weeks the EHA presented EU policy affecting the use  of hydrogen as an energy carrier as well as local developments at several on»
Introduction23 January, 2009 January marked the start of a crucial year for the EU at a critical moment for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in Europe on»
Geen vlam meer in de pijp: Trucking2.017 May, 2018 May 17, 2018 aired the’ first-ever proposal on carbon dioxide emission standards for trucks:  a 30 percent emissions cut by 2030, compared with 2019 levels, on»
Innogrid2020+ brief: TSO and DSO getting ready for the “roaring twenties”16 May, 2018 On May 15, 2018, the first day  of the annual TSO and DSO joint innovation Innogrid2020+ party,   ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, on»
Anheuser Busch beer goes hydrogen to a bar near you!15 May, 2018 Anheuser-Busch anounced on May 3 2018 an agreement  to buy 800 Nikola hydrogen-electric trucks in an effort to convert its entire long-haul dedicated fleet to on»
How to tap H2 fingers into new EU billions till 20272 May, 2018 The EU Commission on May 2 2018 revealed its budget till 2027: "to protect, empower and defend Europe" on»

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