Energy Infrastructure 21 – Role of Hydrogen in Addressing the Challenges in the new Global Energy System
31 Mar, 2010 We are happy to present the third publication of the EHA/DWV series of strategy papers on the role of hydrogen as an energy carrier in a changing energy and climate landscape more
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells as Strong Partners of Renewable Energy Systems
25 Jan, 2009 As  the  EU  Strategic  Energy  Technology  Plan  is pointing  out  in  its  Technology  Map "The  possible competition  for primary energy sources  for hydrogen production  and  other  sectors  of  activities  indicates a  need  for  synergies  and  coordination  between policies and industrial sector strategies" more
Where will the energy for hydrogen production come from?
25 Jan, 2009 In recent years, the question has been asked repeatedly "Where will the hydrogen come from?" This question is important, but can only be answered if one considers a more fundamental question "where will our energy come from in the coming decades?" Today it mainly comes from finite fossil and nuclear energy carriers; in the long term, it will come from renewable energies more