“Powering Europe’s Future Mobility” Seminar hosted in European Parliament
Tuesday, March 15th the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats group of the European Parliament will be hosting a half day seminar titled, “Powering Europe’s Future Mobility”. The presentations will discuss European Mobility and Energy objectives including the role of hydrogen. Discussions will be lead by officers of the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament, FCH JU, Members of HyRaMP and EHA, and more. The topics to be addressed include: EU Energy Infrastructure priorities: the challenge of energy storage Hydrogen as Energy Storage solution: industrial perspective Preparing for commercialization: EU Joint Undertaking for fuel cells and hydrogen The role of energy companies: Green E-motion project
H2 Mobility: the German roll out plan Cars 21: a new strategy for clean and energy efficient vehicles Towards an EU Regional partnership for electromobility and hydrogen Activities in New EU Member States: Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria In order receive an access badge to the Parliament and to register for this event please send your full name and date of birth to elke.pingel@europarl.europa.eu The final agenda to this event will be uploaded here, check EHA soon for updates!
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EHA National Association’s meeting, Brussels 22 June 2010
During the 2010 National Association's meeting, presentations were given by National Association Members, regional representatives, and the European Commission DG Research and DG MOVE. The Norwegian Hydrogen Forum gave an overview on hydrogen developments in Norway informing the group on demonstration projects including Utsira applying a wind-hydrogen system, HyNor with ambitions to obtain vehicle fleet of around 40 vehicles, and events such as the ZeroRally that will be held at the end of August this year. The Dutch-Flanders region of Belgium gave insight on the WaterstofNet project approved within the European Interreg Program; the project aims to reach for concise goals, with a limited infrastructure to create visible results in only 3 years. Founded in 2003, the Bulgarian Hydrogen Society introduce themselves for the first time, and put in the picture their partners, activities, and projects. The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association perspectives gave the attendants a glance into the future of hydrogen vehicle deployment, fueling build-up, and the Callux-project launching stationary residential application. Prof More info >>
EHA EUSEW presentations available.
The presentations of the EHA session at the EU Sustainable Energy on February 9, 2009  are available for download. HyER (formerly HyRaMP)  European Regions and Municipalities Partnership for Hydrogen ad Fuel Cells Javier Navarro HyER (formerly HyRaMP) Integrating hydrogen applications in an urban environment; case studies Clean Energy Partnership Berlin/Hamburg, Vera Ingunn Moe Producing hydrogen from local renewable sources, West Midlands, Waldemar Bujalski Hydrogen and Wind Energy, Javier Navarro, Aragon. Cross border cooperation, Flanders and  the South of the Netherlands, Adwin Martens Integrating hydrogen applications in an urban environment;  technical aspects: Transport applications; the future will be electric!  Ulrich Schmidtchen, DWV Linking renewable sources with hydrogen production: Pascal Meyvaert, The Linde Group Urban hydrogen infrastructure development: a global perspective, Air Products Hydrogen along the Hyway, Vera Ingunn Moe, StatoilHydro More info >>
EHA National Association Workshop
Hungarian Hydrogen Association, Jozsef Margitfalvi
German Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association, Johannes Töpler
Spanish Hydrogen Association, Antonio Gonzalez
Swiss Hydrogen Association, Andreas Werthmüller
The European Industry Grouping For A Fuel Cells And Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative, André Martin
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EUSEW 2008, Brussels
Multi Energya Gipen
Ludwig Boelkow Systemtechnik
Linde Stubinitzky
Ajusa Velasco
Heinrich Klingenberg Simon Whitehouse
Towards A Commercial Andre Martin
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