The EHA co-hosts session at World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2012

When: 3 Jun - 8 Jun, 2012   Where: Toronto Centre Sheraton, Toronto, ON

The world’s hydrogen and fuel cell community will come together in Toronto, Canada from June 3-7, 2012 for the World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2012 (WHEC2012). In view of the commercialization developments of European FCEV manufacturers, the EHA is co- organizing a session on Business opportunities in emerging economies on June 6 at 16:30,  featuring FCEV and H2 infrastructure developments  in Brazil, Argentina, India and South Africa.

Canada is a pioneer in the research, development and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and Toronto in particular is home to leading companies and research institutions. WHEC2012 will host more than 1,000 attendees and include 300 presenters, 200 poster displays and delegates from 55 countries. WHEC2012 gives delegates and exhibitors numerous opportunities to network and partner with global leaders in the business, government and scientific communities. The WHEC2012 exhibition will feature a variety of hydrogen and fuel cell applications from companies and research institutions.

Green Gardening with the Fuel Cell EcoMotion Truck
30 Jan, 2012 The EcoMotion Truck is a mobile power station, powered by two high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (HT-PEMFC) that run on methanol More info >>
5 Million Cubic Meters of Hydrogen produced at Air Liquide site by HyStat 60 Hydrogen Generation Units
18 Jan, 2012 Air Liquide has been continuously running two Hydrogenics Hystat 60 Generators since 2006 at their plant in Calarasi, Romania which has produced 5.0 million cubic meters of Hydrogen between the two units without any performance or service issues. More info >>
Turkey Unveils Fuel Cell Boat
05 Jan, 2012 Turkey’s Istanbul Technical University (ITU) unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell boat last month More info >>
Europe’s Largest Hydrogen Refuelling Station Opens in Hamburg
28 Feb, 2012 A hydrogen station capable of delivering 750 kilograms of hydrogen per day opened on Friday in Hamburg’s HafenCity development More info >>
Denmark: Hydrogen Storage a Necessity for a European Renewable Energy System and Smart Grid
31 Jan, 2012 Denmark now holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union More info >>
TEN-T Call for Proposals Open January 10th 2012
31 January, 2012 The European Commission’s Trans-European Transport Networks TEN-T Programme is one of the most important Community financing means for European transport infrastructure projects — equalling €8 billion for 2007–2013. January 10th 2012 the call was officially opened for proposals until 13 APRIL 2012. The Public Information day is scheduled for 31 January in Brussels More info >>
“Infrastructure for Alternative Fuels” – Report by Future Transport Fuels Group
18 Jan, 2012 The European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels has published at the end of 2011 its second report: Infrastructure for Alternative Fuels More info >>
Intelligent Energy Europe 2012 Call for Proposals Open
24 January, 2012 Running until 2013, the programme is open to all EU Member States, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia More info >>
Aberdeen City Council Backs Hydrogen Transport Project
31 Jan, 2012 Aberdeen city councilors have unanimously agreed to support a multi-million pound European project to introduce hydrogen buses in the North-east. The expectation is that the Strategic European Hydrogen Transport Projects will stimulate further innovative hydrogen technology projects and high-level investment in the area, realising Aberdeen’s aspiration of becoming a world-leading hydrogen city. The project will see the first hydrogen bus deployment in Scotland, with up to a dozen buses operating in the North-east More info >>
Hydrogen Refuelling Station for Arctic
17 Jan, 2012 H2 Logic A/S has recently supplied a hydrogen refuelling station 150 meters north of the polar circle, at the Arctic Driving Centre in Finland More info >>
The Launch of UKH2Mobility
18 Dec, 2011 Initially the UKH2Mobility project will investigate the potential for  hydrogen as a fuel for ultra-low carbon vehicles in the UK and plans to publish its evaluation by the end of 2012 in a publicly available report More info >>
FCH-JU Call for Proposals 2012 Public Information Session and Brokerage
9 February, 2012 NEW-IG and N.ERGHY invite all parties interested in responding to the FCH JU Call for proposals 2012 to participate in the Public Information Session and Brokerage event 2012. More info >>
The EHA co-hosts session at World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2012
3 Jun - 8 Jun, 2012 The world’s hydrogen and fuel cell community will come together in Toronto, Canada from June 3-7 for WHEC 2012. More info >>