H2 Expo 2011 – The International Conference and Exhibition on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electric Drives

When: 8 Jun - 9 Jun, 2011   Where: Hamburg Messe und Congress

H2 Expo 2011 will be held for the eighth time this year in Hamburg, the European Green Capital.  The International Conference and Exhibition on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electric Drives will provide the opportunity to discuss the latest trends and developments in mobile, stationary and portable applications. The focus will be on the latest applications in the automotive, maritime, aerospace and energy supply industries. For the first time, H2Expo will also cover the closely related fields of electric drive technology, electric energy storage systems and hybrid systems.

The two-day conference and the accompanying trade fair will bring together suppliers and potential customers from the market  and offer exhibitors the chance to make new business contacts. H2 Expo is complemented by a supporting programme of specialist workshops to the latest projects to feature the technology.

More information about the conference program; participants, exhibitors and registration can be reached at H2Expo pages.

Smart Cities Consultation Submitted
05 Jun, 2011 EHA has taken part in submission for the Consultation on Smart Cities and Communities Initiative. The procedure aims to indicate priority areas and next actions in terms of relevant projects and funding schemes for Smart Cities development. More info >>
Strategic Transport Technology Plan Stakeholders meeting and consultation
27 May, 2011 The EHA participated in the Stakeholders Meeting that was organized by DG MOVE to present the EU efforts in establishing a Strategic Transport Technology Plan (STTP)  on May 24, 2010 More info >>
Germany decommissions nuclear power plants by 2022
02 Jun, 2011 German environment minister Norbert Rottgen announced on May 30, 2011 that the 17-strong German nuclear power plant fleet will be decommissioned by 2022. "The seven oldest reactors that have been placed under a moratorium and the Kruemmel nuclear power plant won't go back online. "A second group of six nuclear power plants will go offline at the end of 2021 at the latest and the three most modern power plants will go offline 2022 at the latest," he confirmed. In 1998 the German government took the decision to phase out nuclear power,  Chancellor Merkel reversed this decision when she came into office in 2009, introducing a law to extend the life of the existing plants by up to 12 years More info >>
TEN-T Info Day, Brussels – 29 June 2011
29 June, 2011 Registrations are now officially open for the 2011 TEN-T Info Day which will be held on Wednesday 29 June 2011 in the Borschette Center in Brussels (Belgium), similarly to the 2009 edition. More info >>
The Climate Parliament Global Conference
26 May - 28 May, 2011 The Climate Parliament held a global conference in the European Parliament to discuss how limited public funds can best directed to generate a surge of private investment in renewable energy on May 26th and 27th. More info >>
European Fuel Cell Energy Forum 2011
28 Jun - 1 Jul, 2011 The European Fuel Cell Energy Forum will be held this year in Lucerne, Switzerland from June 28 to July 1. During the event, there will be presentations on the state-of-the-art technology in fuel cells and much more. More info >>
Zero Rally 2011
7 Jun - 9 Jun, 2011 Zero Rally 2011, arranged by Zero Emission Resource Organisation (ZERO), is a race for battery electric, plug-in hybrid, bio powered and hydrogen vehicles More info >>
H2 Expo 2011 – The International Conference and Exhibition on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electric Drives
8 Jun - 9 Jun, 2011 H2 Expo 2011 will be held for the eighth time this year in Hamburg, the European Green Capital More info >>
Daimler and Linde provide H2 refuelling network throughout Germany
03 Jun, 2011 Car manufacturer Daimler and technology company The Linde Group are pressing ahead with the development of an infrastructure for hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles More info >>
KIA fuel cell electric vehicles launched in Copenhagen – first time in Europe
02 Jun, 2011 May 12, 2011 two of the latest state of the art fuel cell electric vehicles from Hyundai KIA were showcased in Copenhagen for the first time in Europe More info >>
Mercedes F-Cell World Drive Comes to a Successful Finish
01 Jun, 2011 Daimler announced that its 30,000 km F-Cell World Drive had finished on schedule outside the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart More info >>
A new hydrogen station installed in the University of Glamorgan, Wales
02 Jun, 2011 The second hydrogen station of the University has been installed by Air Products to Glyntaff Campus and will be supplied with hydrogen generated from solar power at the University's Renewable Hydrogen Research and Development Centre More info >>
10th edition of the course of hydrogen and fuel cells
30 May, 2011 Coordinated by the Spanish Hydrogen Association (www.aeh2.org) and the Energy and Environment ARIEMA, SL (www.ariema.com) over 200 students have taken part in the course with the help of professional experts in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies More info >>
Hydrogen-powered buses, An EU funded a project led by the City of Perugia
01 May, 2011 The City of Perugia is the project leader of “H2 Power Hydrogen in Fuel Gas” project co-financed by the European Union under the Life EU program More info >>