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Fuel Cell Today has published a series of five reports on the Nordic countries, one which gives a brief overview of the energy context in Finland and examines where fuel cells might fit within this. It then describes the current fuel cell RD&D activities in the country and the commercial products for both the domestic and international markets that we expect to arise from this. Finland, a member of EHA shows particular strength  in the use of wood-based biomass for energy. Over a fifth of its primary energy consumption is met by bioenergy, one of the highest proportions among the OECD member countries, and it has the highest share of biomass in electricity generation in the world. Much of this is used in highly efficient combined heat and power generation (CHP), in which the country is also a world leader. The report pays particular attention to the use of wood-based biomass and potential synergies with fuel cells and hydrogen. The full report can be read here

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In view of the recent achievements of the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, with support of Linde Benelux, in building the FORZE IV record breaking fuel cell powered formula race car, the EHA found the opportunity to look into Linde's involvement with such university activities and receive the company’s perspective on developments in the hydrogen industry in Europe. The EHA secretariat sat down with member of the board, Jaco Reijerkerk of Linde AG. Jaco Reijerkerk is currently Head of Business Development Linde Gas Benelux , and part of Clean Energy Business Development Western Europe  Linde AG. Although he began his professional career as a trainee and part-time researcher at DaimlerChrysler, he then progressed to Linde AG to later become General Manager Global Programme and Strategy in Innovation Management - Hydrogen Solutions. EHA: Linde has been involved in supporting a number of university related activities like supporting the FORZE IV, and the Shell Eco-Marathon. What is the company's objective from these activities? Do you see a trend in young adult’s interests in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies? Mr. Reijerkerk: These are our customers and future employees, we don’t have to motivate them; these students are already very much excited about the topic. We think that the  issue has gained more and more recognition, and more students are recognizing the potential of this enormous technology. Y0ung adults are less constrained by "business as usual" and have more freedom to look at new, innovative things
Four Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid Buses Begin Service in Hamburg
29 Aug, 2011 Hamburg transit agency Hamburger Hochbahn AG has acquired four Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid buses under the German NaBuz demo scheme; with a further three buses to be delivered next year. NaBuz demo is a subsidiary project of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), funded by NOW GmbH’s National Innovation Programme (NIP) and closely linked to the wider Clean Hydrogen In European Cities (CHIC) fuel cell bus project ..read more
Air Products to open the World’s first sewage-powered H2 fueling station
29 Aug, 2011 Air Products announced the opening of a new hydrogen fuelling station on August 16 at the Orange County Sanitation District in Fountain Valley, California, USA ..read more
Breaking News! Fuel cell powered race car breaks speed records
16 Aug, 2011 The FORZE IV, a fuel cell powered formula race car, built by the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, with support of Linde Benelux, broke a fuel cell car record on August 16, 2011 in the Hague ..read more
EHA contributes to Joint letter in view of European Transport Council Meeting
01 Sep, 2011 In view of the European Council meeting of September 5-6, dedicated to transport and specifically non-budgetary ways to support transport infrastructure build up, EHA in a joint effort with the Joint Task force for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, submitted a letter to European Council members. ..read more
Commission proposes to cut sulphur dioxide emissions from shipping by 90 %
29 Aug, 2011 Better air quality is on the way, thanks to proposals from the European Commission to lower the sulphur content of shipping fuels ..read more
Public Consultation on Clean Transport Systems initiative launched
17 Aug, 2011 The European Commission has launched an electronic public consultation on the Clean Transport Systems (CTS) initiative ..read more
Chances and Challenges for Hungary and the EU
01 Dec, 2011 In view of the ongoing parliamentary discussion’s structuring the Hungarian Energy Strategy 2030; the Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association will host a workshop On 29 September 2011 for the public. ..read more
5th International Seminar on Advances in Hydrogen Energy – Portugal
10 Nov - 11 Nov, 2011 The  4th International Seminar on Advances in Hydrogen Energy: Opportunities and Challenges in a Hydrogen Economy, will take place on the 10-11th of November in Viana do Castelo, Portugal ..read more
Energy Festival in Firenze, Italy
23 Sep - 25 Sep, 2011 The 2011 edition of “L’energia spiegata ‐ Festival dell’Energia” marks a significant shift towards a wider and more international approach of the event ..read more
Clean Hydrogen In European Cities Workshop – October 25, 2011
25 October, 2011 The first Clean Hydrogen In European Cities Workshop will be held Tuesday October 25, 2011 during the Busworld Europe Trade Fair in Kortijk, Belgium ..read more
The 4th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS) 2011
12 Sep - 14 Sep, 2011 The 4th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS) 2011 will be held in San Francisco, California on September 12-14, 2011 under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (IA-HySafe). ..read more