International Conference and Exhibition on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electric Drives, 8-9 June 2011, Hamburg

Hamburg, 8 -9/06/2011: The world’s leading experts will come together for the eighth H2Expo, the International Conference and Exhibition on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electric Drives, to discuss the latest trends and developments in mobile, stationary and portable applications.

The focus will be on the latest applications in the automotive, maritime, aerospace and energy supply industries. For the first time, H2Expo will also cover the closely related fields of electric drive technology, electric energy storage systems and hybrid systems, making it a comprehensive information platform for the energy and mobility technologies of the future.

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EHA contributes to EU Future Transport Fuels Expert Group
28 Oct, 2010 A draft report by the European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels assesses Europe’s options for substituting oil in the transport sector More info >>
EHA and HyER (formerly HyRaMP) call for coordinated support for Hydrogen Infrastructure Build-up
25 Oct, 2010 At the Third Hydrogen Infrastructure Workshop organized by HyRaMP, together with the European Hydrogen Association, EHA, on October 20, the message from world leading hydrogen suppliers, Linde and Air Liquide, was loud and clear: hydrogen will be produced by many different primary energy sources, including renewable sources and can be effectively and economically distributed using existing distribution networks. Hydrogenics, a global hydrogen infrastructure equipment supplier, explained the important contribution of  hydrogen storage to peakshaving and to smooth integration of more renewable energy into electricity grids More info >>
Clean Vehicles featured in Commission Communication on Industrial Policy
28 Oct, 2010 The European Hydrogen Association welcomes the Commissions communication published today (October 28th 2010) An Integrated Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era Putting Competitiveness and Sustainability at Centre Stage. Within the text indication is given that the next two years will introduce a more progressive strategy toward clean mobility More info >>
EU commissioned study on “the liability of electricity TSO for failing to supply”.
04 Oct, 2010 On 25 June 2009 the European Commission (the “Commission”) selected the law firm Philippe & Partners for performing a study on “the liability of electricity transmission system operators for failing to supply” in Europe More info >>
Energy Strategy for Europe 2011-2020 Draft Report Includes Hydrogen Storage
04 Oct, 2010 On July 13th 2010  Member of European Parliament, Lena-Kolarska Bobinska, sumitted the report to the European Parliament Towards a new Energy Strategy for Europe 2011-2020. Ms More info >>
17th Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, 4-8 April 2011, Hannover
4 Apr - 8 Apr, 2011 Hannover, 04-08/04/2011: Join Europe's largest and most important hydrogen and fuel cells exhibition! In April 2011, around 150 companies and institutions from around the globe will showcase a full spectrum of hydrogen/fuel cell-related products & services at Europe's largest and most important H2+FC exhibition – the Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells at HANNOVER MESSE More info >>
12th European Fuels Conference, 08 – 11 March 2011
8 Mar - 11 Mar, 2011 The 12th Annual European Fuels Conference will enable refiners and fuels developers to: Gain strategic insight into how EU fuels specifications are being met; Assess the global and supply demand of the European fuels market; Maximise their gain from the clean energy challenges in biofuels, hydrogen, and fuel cells, electric and hybrid vehicles; Find the most effective way to overcome challenges faced by refiners and alternative; energy producers; Refine your own future strategy; Contact : More info >>
Hydrogenics GmbH Awarded Contract for Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft
28 Oct, 2010 Gladbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany – October 19, 2010 – Hydrogenics, a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products, today announced that its German operating unit, Hydrogenics GmbH, has been awarded a contract by Germany’s national research center for aeronautics and space (DLR) to supply a series of next-generation fuel cell modules for aircraft power applications More info >>
Volvo initiates the development of fuel cells for battery cars
27 Oct, 2010 Backed by research support from the Swedish Energy Agency Volvo Cars starts the development of a fuel cell that can extend the electric car’s operating range without any carbon dioxide emissions. The aim is to have two prototype chassis based on the Volvo C30 DRIVe Electric ready for testing in everyday traffic in 2012. “This is an exciting expansion of our focus on electrification More info >>
Manufacturer chosen for HyNor Oslo Buss
26 Oct, 2010 From December 2011 HyNor Oslo Buss will operate 5 fuel cell buses, with hydrogen as fuel More info >>
Engaging Local Residents with Air Products Renewable Energy Team
20 Oct, 2010 Local people living and working in the Billingham and Port Clarence areas of the UK have met members of the Air Products team who are wishing to build the Tees Valley Renewable Energy Facility, a 49MW power generation project that will use waste destined to landfill to supply electricity to more than 50,000 homes in the North East More info >>
HyNor Oslo Buss will operate 5 fuel cell buses from Belgium bus manufacturer Van Hool
01 Oct, 2010 HyNor Oslo Buss will operate 5 fuel cell buses, from the Belgium bus manufacturer Van Hool, with hydrogen as fuel from December 2011 including a hydrogen station More info >>