NHA Hydrogen Conference & Expo, 3-6 May 2010, Long Beach California
When: 3 May - 6 May, 2010

The NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo is the largest hydrogen conference in the U.S. and the longest running annual hydrogen conference in the world.

This event will be your best opportunity of the year to learn about breakthroughs, progress on commercialization challenges and network over a few days with the brightest minds and business leaders in the industry.

For more info, please visit www.hydrogenconference.org/

EHA presents its Energy Infrastructure 21 Paper at Electric Transport Event at EU Sustainable Energy Week March 23, 2010
The vice president of DWV, the German hydrogen and fuel cell association, Andreas Ziolek, and EHA's executive director Marieke Reijalt presented the third EHA/DWV strategy.. More info >>
EHA position paper on a EU Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles Strategy.
The EHA presented its views on the need for a coordinated and accelerated approach to electric transport infrastructure build-up for both battery and fuel cell.. More info >>
EU Intelligent Energy for Europe 2010 Call for proposals is out
Some € 56 million will be made available, supporting up to 75% of the eligible project costs.The programme will be funding capacity building; building and.. More info >>
EHA organised Session on Electric Transport at EU Sustainable Energy Week March 23, 2010
Local initiatives to integrate electric transport applications in urban transport systems are accelerating throughout Europe More info >>
International Regulation on Electric and Hybride Car Safety adopted
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) adopted the first international regulation on safety of both fully electric and hybrid cars.  The regulation adopted ensures that cars with a high voltage electric power train, such as hybrid and fully electric vehicles, are as safe as conventional cars. Typically, electric vehicles operate at very high voltages, in the range of 500 Volts. Therefore it is essential to require protection against the risk of electric shocks. The revised UNECE Regulation 100 will ensure the safety of electric cars by setting out how users of cars shall be protected from the high voltage parts of cars. For example, it prescribes a test procedure that uses a standardized ‘test finger’ to check protection all over the car.
More info >>
New EU Climate Action Commissioner announces new EU Climate Strategy 2030
Commissioner Connie Hedegaard of Climate Action presented the new EU strategy to the EU Parliament on March 9 indicating that international negotiations must ensure that the.. More info >>
City of Hamburg signs major agreement for more hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen refuelling stations.
On 24 March 2009, Daimler, Shell, TOTAL, Vattenfall Europe, and hySOLUTIONS signed an agreement with the City of Hamburg to build a low-emission fleet of.. More info >>
New EU clean bus and trucks test facility opens in Italy.
On March 13  European Commissioner for Science and Research, Janez Potočnik, opened a new facility for testing fuel consumption and emissions of trucks and buses More info >>