McPhy Energy signs contract with Enel Group for solid hydrogen storage

McPhy Energy has announced that the company has signed a contract with the Enel Group, Italy for the supply of a solid hydrogen storage solution. The system has a capacity of 2 kilograms of solid hydrogen, stored in the form of magnesium hydrides (which do not require compression), offering an innovative solution for safe, reversible hydrogen storage, with energy efficiency.

A prototype of the system design was validated through a series of tests at the CEA-LITEN (the French national Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials in Grenoble, France). The test tank was coupled to an electrolyser and to a fuel cell, successfully demonstrating the storage of renewable energy.

Enel will integrate McPhy’s solution in a full, innovative technology framework, which includes wind and solar technologies, as well as hydrogen production and storage.  McPhy’s storage system will be located at Enel’s research center in Livorno.  The project will be led by a group of researchers from the Enel Research Center of Pisa.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Organisations explain the role of hydrogen in electric transport

The Industry Grouping of the Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, NEW IG, Fuel Cell Europe, the European Regions and Municpalities Partnership for  fuel cells and hydrogen, HyER (formerly HyRaMP), and the EHA have sent a joint letter to EU Member States representatives in the Competiveness Council to explain the role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the decarbonizing transport by 2050. On the occasion of the presentation of the EU Spanish presidency of an EU Electric Car Plan in Seville,  the organisations draw  Member States’ attention to fuel cell cars next to battery cars as part of electric transport.  Fuel cell transport applications such as cars, buses, taxis, forklifts, motorbikes and trucks are currently being developed, tested and demonstrated at EU, national and local level. What is needed additionally is in particular a coordinated approach towards increased project funding, regulatory support and development of technical standards both at EU and at Member State level. Such measures are crucial to provide a stable and predictable environment to attract the necessary private investment and make the shift to zero emission transport a reality. The organisations therefore call upon the Competitiveness Council and the European Commissionto acknowledge the need for increased and coordinated EU financial support to commercialize electrical mobility in the EU, including battery and fuel cell electric vehicles. The joint letter can be downloaded below.

EU Commission will table Green Car Strategy by May 25-26, 2010
20 Feb, 2010 EU Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani met with ministers in charge of industry on 19 February identifying green technologies as a strategic medium-term perspective for the industry to  improve its competitiveness More info >>
EU Member States approve billion euro budget for CCS projects.
03 Feb, 2010 EU Member State experts on February 2 approved a proposal on how to use 300 million emission allowances from the EU Emission Ttrading Systems ‘new entrants reserve’ to finance projects in renewables and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) More info >>

2011 NHA Conference & Expo, 13 – 16 February 2011

When: 13 Feb - 16 Feb, 2011   Where: USA

The NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo is the largest hydrogen conference in the U.S. and the longest running annual hydrogen conference in the world.

This event will be your best opportunity of the year to learn about breakthroughs, progress on commercialization challenges and network over a few days with the brightest minds and business leaders in the industry.

For more info :

Solvay will build a very large fuel cell at SolVin’s Antwerp plant
17 Feb, 2010 Solvay announces today it will invest over EUR 5 million in the construction of a test fuel cell with a total electric power of 1 megawatt (MW) at the SolVin plant in Lillo, Antwerp, Belgium More info >>
Air Products receives Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Award
11 Feb, 2010 Air Products has been awarded the prestigious Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Award for its innovative Series 100 Hydrogen Fueling Station technology More info >>
Portugese Hydrogen Association publishes Lisbon Statement on Hydrogen
12 Feb, 2010 The Portugese Hydrogen Association APH2 published the “Lisbon Statement on Hydrogen” to draw governments  attentioin to the need to speed up the support for sustainable hydrogen infrastrucutre developments More info >>
ENI opens another hydrogen / natural gas mixture station near Milan
08 Feb, 2010 On February 8 the President of the Region of Lombardy Formigoni inaugurated the first hydrogen- natural gas mixture  station in L in Milan. The use of hydrogen natural gas mixtures in some countries with a good gas network could be an intermediate step towards the use of pure hydrogen in fuel cells applications More info >>