As has been reported in previous EHA newsletters several new funding initiatives as a result of the financial crisis have been recently put in place that could offer additional funding to hydrogen and fuel cell activities. In order to interest authorities presiding over these funds to include H2 and FC projects in their funding schemes visibility of feasability of our technologies is crucial. Several high impact projects like the HyFleet CUTE project have offered this proof of concept to a broader public including local authorities. It is now up to the the first demonstration projects of the JTI to further broaden the scope of these demonstration projects and lift the bar to  include sites that are committed to integrate hydrogen applications in energy and transport systems and build the market. The EHA therfeore is keen to facilitate increased leveraging of funding at EU, national and local level and invited the European Investment Bank to its last General Assembly on June 17  to discuss new funding mechanisms for local authorities for energy effciency and sustainable transport.  In addition the EHA published a press release on the occasion of the EU Commission Transport Communciation stressing the need to include hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles next to battery cars to create  the Commission’s objective of a “an integrated, technology-led and user friendly system”.

EHA Press Release: support for smart grids for electric transport AND hydrogen distribution networks”
The EHA welcomes the European Commission’s Communication “A sustainable future for transport: Towards an integrated, technology-led and user friendly system” (COM 2009/279/4) that was presented.. More info >>
EIB and JTI present EU funding programmes at EHA Annual General Assembly
In view of the launch of the European Energy Programme for Recovery, the EU Green Car Initiative, Clean Bus Financing Facility and Renewable Energy Financing.. More info >>
EHA visits Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell stakeholders.
The EHA was invited by the Hydrogen section of the Hungarian Energy Association, member of the EHA,  to meet potential stakeholders in Hungary to facilitate.. More info >>
JU FCH second Call for proposals will come out the second week of July.
In reference to our earlier annoucements the second Call for proposals of the Joint Undertaking for fuel cells and hydrogen (JU FCH) is expected to.. More info >>
Environment Council on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control: more flexibility.
The Environment Council on June 25, 2009 agreeed to more flexibiliy  for Member States in implementing the IPPC Directive More info >>
Public consultation on future EU ETS auctioning rules launched.
A public consultation on rules to govern the future auctioning of emission allowances under the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) has been.. More info >>
Commission put up consultation EU Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (EEAP)
The European Commission has published an online consultation to seek input on the review of the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (EEAP) More info >>
FP7 InfoDay, July 13, 2009, Brussels: PPP’s on Green Cars, Efficient Buildings, Future Plants
As part of the European Economic Recovery Plan, the Commission is launching three Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in close cooperation with industry on "Factories of the.. More info >>
Baden-Württemberg opens first public hydrogen filling station
On the site of the OMV service station at Stuttgart Airport, OMV in cooperation with Linde AG and Daimler AG is opening Baden-Württemberg's first publicly.. More info >>
Hydrogen Midi Buses in North Rhine Westphalia
In the he German cities Bottrop and Gladbeck two low-floor fuel cell midibuses will be aprt of regular public transport service by Vestische Strassenbahnen GmbH,.. More info >>
Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association AGM promotes creation of national platform
H2IT, the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, is collaborating with Italy's biggest industry organisation Confindustria to establish an Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform,.. More info >>
Swiss CityCat H2 sweeps streets really clean!
Empa a Swiss  interdisciplinary research and services institution  for material sciences and technology development, home of the Swiss Hydrogen Association "Hydropole", and Paul Scherrer Institut.. More info >>