The recent approval of the US Senate to increase the budget for hydrogen and fuel cells to € 190 mln for 2010, up from earlier  earlier announcements of the Obama administration that government spending on hydrogen for transport would be reduced, demonstrates the power that active and constructive lobbying can have on decision makers.  We salute our collaegues in the US with this success that should inspire us all to be more ambitious in contacting key decison makers in Brussels and at national and local level. The EHA this summer has embarked on a intensive verification effort of new EU Parliament members, presidents of crucial committees and other key members with close links to the sectors that are important for hydrogen and fuel cells development. We have prepared a database that inlcudes contact info of all key MEP’sand listed them also per country for easy reference for our industry and national associtaion members. In this way the EHA is mobilizing support that includes references to concrete examples of how the use of hydrogen and fuel cells are indispensable components of  clean energy and transport systems. The recent openings of Shell’s cluster of hydrogen refeulling stations in the New York area being one of those (see under Hydrogen Hits the Roads ).

EHA joins Taskforce for large H2 vehicle event at COP 15
20 Jul, 2009 From December 7 - 18 the 15th UN Climate Change Conference , COP 15,  will be held Copenhagen with the goal of reaching agreement on a successor to the “Kyoto agreement”, thus securing the foundation for climate change actions beyond 2020.  The event offers a great opportunity for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry to highlight the industry's capacity to satisfy future energy needs and at the same time, providing sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate change. The EHA has therefore joined forces with other organisations in Europe and beyond  to organise various showcase events in Copenhagen before and during the COP15 More info >>
EHA facilitates technical visit to EU Parliament
01 Jul, 2009 The EHA facilitated a tour of the premises of the EU Parliament in Brussels to identify suitable sites for hydrogen and fuel cell installations More info >>
Czech Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technoloy Platform new EHA national association member
01 Jul, 2009 At the last EHA Annual General Meeting the Czech Hydrogen and Fuel cell Platform , was welcomed as EHA 15 th natioanl association member More info >>

EU funds large Mediterraean solar initiatives

On the eve of the first anniversary of the launching of the Union for the Mediterranean (Paris, 13 July 2008), the European Commission announced an additional contribution of €72 million, for 2009-2010, to the areas identified as priorities by the Euro-Mediterranean Heads of State and Government in Paris. Work will focus on the de-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, maritime and land highways, alternative energies, with a focus on the Mediterranean Solar Plant, higher education and research and supporting investment in businesses. Part of the funds will be dedicated to support the running of the Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat. With this contribution, the total community budget dedicated since July 2008 to the priorities identified by the Union for the Mediterranean amounts €90 million. A total of € 5 mln is earmarked for studies to establish a Mediterranean Solar Plan. According to a communication on the same day of the German Desertec Foundation, the EU will also co fund their plans of High Voltage Direct Current lines to transport electricity produced by thermal solar plants from the African deserts to Europe.

Shell opens second H2 station in New York as part of cluster.

Shell today opened a second hydrogen filling station in the greater New York City area on July 13, 2009. With a third due to open in the area later this month and one already operating there for more than a year, this is Shell’s first cluster of hydrogen filling stations. The latest station, opening at JFK international airport,  is the result of a partnership between Shell, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the US Department of Energy and General Motors. A third station in the Bronx, due to open late in July, has been developed with the New York City Department of Sanitation. A station has been operating in the City of White Plains, New York, since April 2008. The cluster of stations will provide New York drivers of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles with greater flexibility and convenience. It is a significant step on from stand-alone, demonstration stations and is part of Shell’s strategy to build expertise in the distribution and dispensing of hydrogen.

“The prospects for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are strong in the longer-term”, said Duncan Macleod, Shell Vice President of Hydrogen. “This first cluster is an important step as we continue to build capability in retailing hydrogen fuel, in line with the auto makers’ plans to develop hydrogen vehicles.”

Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward said: “Through efforts with governmental and corporate partners, the Port Authority leads by example towards the goal of sustainability. The opening of this hydrogen pumping facility is another positive step for the region and the globe. I want to personally thank everyone at Shell for helping to bring this project to fruition.”

Baden Wuerttemberg jumpstarts electric transportation.
31 Jul, 2009 The Stuttgart Regional Economic Development Corporation (Stuttgart Region EDC) has been awarded 115-million euros by Germany's Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs in a competition to help jumpstart the development of sustainable transportation systems in urban areas More info >>
Italian Assocation H2IT organises JTI Second Call Seminar July 17, 2009 Milan
18 Jul, 2009 H2IT in collaboration with the local chapter of the EU Enterprise Europe Network and the Italian Federation of Scientific and TechnicalAssociations FAST is organised a seminar to present the topics of the JTI Second Call for proposals More info >>