French call for proposals

The first call for proposals 2009 of the French Hydrogen and Fuel cell programme Hpac has been published at the site of the French National Agency for Research  l’ANR.  The Call is divided among three topics:

1. Hydrogen Production; 2. Hydrogen Storage; 3. Fuel Cells.

Deadline for this Call is March 30 2009, 1300 hrs.

The EHA presented EU policy at final HySafe Meeting.
26 Feb, 2009 The EU Network of Excellence, HySafe, that is bringing together the expertise of a large number of European hydrogen safety experts, held its final General Meeting on  February  24-26, 2009 in Brussels More info >>
EHA contributes to EESC opinion on Energy Education needs.
12 Feb, 2009 The EHA contributed to  the European Economic Social Committtee's  exploratory opinion "Education and training needs for the carbon-free energy society" (TEN 364) that has been requested by EU Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs More info >>
EHA sends new requests for consideration of small H2 reformers in IPPC Direcitve
11 Feb, 2009 As the European Parliament is voting March 11 on its report on the Integrated Pollution and Prevention and Control Directive and Member States will decide in the March EU Council.  The EHA reinforced its attempts to convince law makers that the authorisation of small H2 reformers should be facilitated by the new Directive More info >>
Hydrogen hits the slopes
20 Feb, 2009 A fuel cell that Air Liquiode's subsidiary AXANE developed was tested on February 19, 2009 at the Autrans (Alps, France) resort to light a cross-country ski trail More info >>
EIB sets up Clean Bus Financiang Facility
12 Feb, 2009 The European Investment is setting up a Clean Bus Financiang Facility that will provide € 15 mln funding to clean bus projects already this year More info >>
HyFleet CUTE Project wins EU Sustainable Energy Award
11 Feb, 2009 EU Commissioner for Energy, Andris Piebalgs presented the annual EU Sustainable Energy Awards during the  EU Sustainable Energy Week to 6 projects that are part of the EU Sustainable Energy Campaign More info >>

Hydrogen Press Conference in German Parliament

At the Annual press conference of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, DWV, at the Presss office of the German Parliament on Febraury 18, 2009, Peter Froeschle of Daimler AG explained that Daimler is developing battery and fuel cell vehicles to power  future transport applications. He emphasized that battery and fuel cell cars will not be competing but will rather complement each other in range and capacity. Andreas Ziolek of EnergieAgentur NRW in Düsseldorf and chairman of the 26 Regions and Municpalities Partenrship, HyER (formerly HyRaMP), hosted by the EHA, presented the efforts of the regions to contribute to the EU Joint Undertaking for hydrogen and fuel cells.  Joachim Wolf, DWV’s president listed 10 key requests for political action:
1. Development of a legal support framework for the effective integration of H2 as an energy carrier;
2. Intelligent and sustainable use of all energy sources;
3. A comprehensive political strategy to deploy regenerative energy;
4. Tax exemption for H2 as an energy carrier;
5. Efficient use of all primary energy sources;
6. Focus on H2 and Electricity as universal energy carriers;
7. Support for technology development;
8. Development of new energy concepts with incentives for renewable energy stored in H2;
9. Clear and broad Interministerial Energy Policy;
10. Support for H2 awareness by the general public (and politicians!)