Conversion of energy, news from Danish partnership for hydrogen and fuel cells
To make the fluctuating power production from windmills more useful for the Danish society certain plants are needed for the conversion of this power into.. More info >>
Scandinavian zero emission cooperation
Regions and municipalities in the Öresund – Kattegat – Skagerrak area have expressed a political will to enforce the use of emission-free vehicles. Next Move is an EU-funded project that facilitates cooperation across borders to meet strategic challenges like purchasing and service, for the regions and municipalities that want to become early users of these vehicles.
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New 700bar H2 refueling station opens in Holstebro, Denmark
H2 Logic and Hydrogen Link announced 20 June 2011 the launch of a new hydrogen refueling station in Holstebro, Denmark.
It is the first 700bar refueling station as part of the LINK2009 project that has been supported by the Danish Energy Agency EUDP program with a project budget of €5 million.
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New hydrogen car crosses Denmark
The 340 km ride started after a three minute refueling at a station in Holstebro and ended in Copenhagen four hours later with still plenty of.. More info >>
Copenhagen opens Hydrogen Station in time for COP 15
The City of Copenhagen has inaugurated its first hydrogen fueling station More info >>