Ukrainian start up of new zirconia-based SOFC looking for investors
The Laboratory for Ceramic Fuel Cells at Ukrainian Frantcevych Institute for Problems of Materials Science More info >>
Hydrogen powered locomotives manufactured in Latvia
Hydrogen locomotives will be manufactured in Latvia as a result of cooperation between the railroad company Latvijas Dzelzcels, Czech company CZ Loko and Canada's Ballard.. More info >>
Ulm opens 21st public refuelling station in Germany
The Twenty-first public hydrogen refeulling station opened in Ulm this July, funded as the research and development project of German federal government through the National Innovation Programme for.. More info >>
H2 Spotting: Ocean floor produce large quantities of hydrogen
A new study suggests that the ocean floor might be a large, overlooked source of hydrogen gas More info >>
In 2017 World First Plug-in Fuel-Cell Car goes into production
Mercedes-Benz will start selling a plug-in fuel-cell version of its GLC compact crossover from 2017. The model's fuel-cell stack was developed in Vancouver with a Ford.. More info >>
AREVA H2 Gen inaugurates the first French electrolysers plant
AREVA H2 Gen inaugurated on 24 June 2016 the first French plant to manufacture electrolysers in the presence of Mrs Segolène Royal, French Minister of.. More info >>
Dutch Provinces sign letter of intent to expand FC buses fleet
During the TEN-T Days, held in Rotterdam from 20th to 22nd of June 2016, Dutch Regional Authorities with the support of the Dutch Government express.. More info >>
First Toyota Mirai in Norway delivered to Uno-X Hydrogen
Following the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany and Belgium, Norway is the 5th European country to start selling the Toyota Mirai More info >>
Diesel engines will account for only 9% of new-car sales in Europe by 2030
Diesel engines will account for 9 percent of new-car sales in Europe by 2030 – down from about 50 percent today – as automaker are.. More info >>
Washington DC hydrogen station opened in time for new president
A week after another it announced another $ 13 mln of FCH  funding for 8 projects in advanced hydrogen storage and fuel cell performance and durability. ,.. More info >>