Austrian Dutch collaboration on hydrogen storage potential
The Dutch Energy Agency ECN, voestalpine, Siemens, VERBUND, Austrian Power Grid (APG) and K1-MET have received Horizon2020 funding through the FCH JU program to construct.. More info >>
UK National Health Services takes a cleaner route in Aberdeen
Aberdeen City in the United Kingdom received its second hydrogen (H2) refuelling station on 27th February 2017 More info >>
Blue dreams powered by quiet, clean fuel cells
E.ON announced on February 8  that it installed a fuel cell in the  Radisson Blu hotel in Franfurt to generate a large share of the.. More info >>
New Energy Storage “Dashboard” for Uniper
Uniper Energy Storage has just added a new service: an online platform that provides a daily overview of storage site fill levels. The so-called Operational.. More info >>
NEL nails 3 Icelandic Stations
NEL AS Hydrogen Solutions has been awarded a contract by Icelandic Hydrogen for three hydrogen refuelling stations and an NEL C-series electrolyser on February 13th,.. More info >>
UK’s Intelligent Energy goes West
Intelligent Energy has signed a deal the end of February 2017 with US-based company Luxfer-GTM, to supply them with Fuel Cell Modules (FCM) for their.. More info >>
Shell’s first H2 branded station opens along UK motorway
Shell has launched its first fully-branded hydrogen refuelling station in the UK following the success of their stations in Germany and the US More info >>
Toyota delivers fuel cell bus to Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Toyota Motor Corporation on February 24, 2017 delivered the first fuel cell bus (FC bus) sold under the Toyota brand to the Bureau of Transportation.. More info >>
Detroit Auto Show 2017 electrifies
The 2017 Detroit Auto Show, despite fears of the Trump administration rolling back US efficiency and emission laws, had a strong ‘green’ car presence More info >>
Big industry to invest 10.7bln in H2 in coming 5 years
Thirteen leading energy, transport and industry companies launched a global initiative to voice a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the energy.. More info >>