Silky route to Chinese FCEV supply
16 July, 2018Building on the ambitions of  the Chinese government’s 13th five-year plan,  to support the development and sale of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles serving clean mobility on»
Driving Hydrogen Home
14 July, 2018The Dutch gasnetwork could potentially be adjusted to hydrogen according to the Dutch Certifcation Agency KIWA, in a report (in Dutch) published on July on»
Guess who is delivering your next Amazon order?
4 July, 2018Toyota's partnership with Air Liquide is shifting gears and vehicel: Toyota engineers recently took on a Kenworth, a vanilla-looking semi, took out the 2×4-like shifter put in on»
Falling in love….who’s dating hydrogen?
11 June, 2018As this month's line-up of EHA's most significant H2 news is demonstrating, hydrogen increasingly is "coupling" several sectors into firm longlasting relationships on»
Hhhheat is on: industrial demand for green H2 at EUSEW
7 June, 2018Frithjof KUBLIK, Senior Consultant Business Development presented Shell's green hydorgen ambition at the EU Sustainable Enery Week in Brussels on June 7, 2018.  Shell Deutschland Oil GMBH on»
H2 in the mix in France says French minister for Ecological transition
3 June, 2018On May 30, 2018 Nicolas Hulot France minister for Ecological transition called for an ambitious objective for hydrogen in France in response to questions in on»
“Triple” Dutch Giga Hydrogen Coalition takes off
1 June, 2018The Dutch are doing it again! On June 1 1963 the last city gas connection was turned of in the Netherlands, 55 years later read on»
Dutch stop blowing H2 bubbles
29 May, 2018A energetic and forward looking local petrol station owner in the North of the Netherlands is mobilizing the whole value  chain of H2 production to on»
Mission Innovation adds Hydrogen Innovation Challenge
25 May, 2018At the Third Mission Innovation (MI-3) Ministerial, ministers the next steps to enhance public and private investment and collaboration on clean energy research and innovation on»
H2/electric infrastructure brief: Swiss H2 retail and EU battery production
19 May, 2018As seven Swiss companies including retailers Migros, Migrol, Agrola and Fenaco created an association  to develop a  national network of filling stations for hydrogen on»