October 8 is International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day
The US Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association in September  launched an initiative to mark October 8 (10 - 08) as the International Hydrogen and.. More info >>
The HIT2Corridors opens H2 stations in Stockholm, Helsinki and Gothenburg
The HIT2Corridors project , proudly announces the inaugurations of the project's hydrogen refueling stations More info >>
Toray acquires SolviCore, a German company active in Fuel Cell and Water Electrolysis industry
Umicore and Solvay announced in July that they have their respective 50 % share in the joint daughter company SolviCore to the.. More info >>
UTC fuel cell powered bus breaks records in California
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) has been running zero emission fuel cell buses in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001 More info >>
Successful landfill gas-to-hydrogen demonstration by BMW plant in South Carolina
A BMW manufacturing plant in Greer, South Carolina (USA) demonstrated that it is possible to produce hydrogen from the landfill biomethane gas More info >>
H2 moves logistics in California
As in Europe forklift truck manufacturers are warming up to integrate fuels cells in their products FC powered logistics operations is expanding to ports
Falling from a tree near you?
Having started in 2010 with the aim to create renewable energy using only sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide, the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis.. More info >>
First hydrogen-powered battery will charge your Apple iPhone for a week
A British technology company has claimed a major smartphone breakthrough by developing an iPhone that can go a week without recharging, running instead off a.. More info >>
Abengoa Shows Off Its Hydrogen Capabilities in Spain
Abengoa, on 24th July Abengoa unveiled its second hydrogen filling station in Seville More info >>
Apple includes FC in its progress towards using clean energy
Large technology companies are becoming more environmentally conscious, embracing renewable energy and making an effort to cut down on the emissions that they are responsible.. More info >>