Eco-Mobility 2014, Vienna, 20th and 21st OctoberWhen: 20 Oct - 21 Oct   Where: Tech Gate Vienna, Donau-City-Straße 1, A-1220 Vienna, Austria
Focus on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (1st day) and all other Eco-Mobility Technology Options (2nd day) The aim of this two-day conference is to analyse trends in the development of alternative propulsion systems and fuels and opportunities to overcome barriers for their market introduction. Industry, R&D institutions and policy makers will discuss the potential of these technologies for a sustainable mobility system and the competitiveness of the vehicle industry and the energy sector. The Austrian automotive industry, R&D-institutions and energy companies are represented by the member institutions of the A3PS demonstrating their high competence in the field of the alternative drive trains and energy carriers. The conference starts with presentations and closes with a more
Workshop: How LCA Reports Can Contribute To Better Business PlanningWhen: 10 November   Where: Brussels - this workshop will run in parallel with the FCH JU programme review
Workshop: How LCA Reports Can Contribute To Better Business Planning Brussels –11:30 – 13:00 Monday 10 November 2014 (times to be confirmed; this workshop will run in parallel with the FCH JU programme review). Life Cycle Analysis reports are a mandatory component of most projects funded by the FCH JU. These professionally-produced studies constitute a valuable resource for our industry, but too often they are not fully exploited. The Paul Scherrer Institut of Switzerland invites you to a workshop that will explain the basic more
EHA chairman at Telco Expo London November 11, 2014When: 11 Nov - 12 Nov   Where: 15Hatfields, London, UK
Telco Energy & Infrastructure Efficiency conference organized in London this year seeks to tackle tackle operators” struggle against rising carbon emissions and energy costs across their networks and further business infrastructure. The two day event showcases international telecom operator best practice alongside the innovative new technology, to identify sustainable solutions which offer the lowest  payback time  The interactive conference incorporates stand alone presentations with panel discussions, workshop and round table sessions to discuss not only operator best practice in cleaning up their own businesses, but also the steps more
2014 Stakeholder Forum – Programme Review Days of the FCH JU, 10-12 November 2014When: 10 Nov - 12 Nov   Where: “The Hotel”, Boulevard de Waterloo 38, Brussels
This is once again the occasion for industry and policy-makers to show the contribution of this partnership to the European energy and transport targets. For this Forum, the agenda is including contributions from a series of high ranking representatives from across the hydrogen and fuel cell industrial sector, as well as from potential customers for the technology. The focus is pointing out the steps which Europe needs to take to move the sector onto a genuinely commercial footing and also more
3rd International Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell, Udaipur, IndiaWhen: 7 Dec - 9 Dec   Where: Udaipur
Hydrogen association of India (HAI) is planning to have the 3rd International Conference  on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in 7-9 December 2014 at Udaipur, which is a very good tourist spot also. We wish to meet you in this event for which you will find the information flyer and registration form attached. final HAI flyer (1) Registration form  
ICHS2015- International conference on Hydrogen SafetyWhen: 19 Oct - 21 Oct   Where: Tokyo, Japan
The next International Conference on Hydrogen Safety will be held in Tokyo, Japan from 19 to 21st October 2015. You can participate and submit your abstract concerning any topic both on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell. Please visit the following link to the website:        
The 6th International Conference on Hydrogen SafetyWhen: 19 Oct - 25 Oct   Where: Tokyo (Japan)
The 6th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS 2015) will be held in Tokyo, Japan on October 19-21, 2015 under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (HySafe). The first five biennal conferences since 2005 succeeded in attracting the most relevant experts from all over the world, by providing an open platform for the presentation and discussion of new findings, information and data on hydrogen safety – covering the wide range of areas from basic research to applied more

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