Insight in electricity market design options
The future energy system is challenged by the intermittent nature of renewables and requires therefore several flexibility options More info >>
Winter Package cooling off EU Climate ambitions?
Twelve days after the end of COP 22, the EU released the long-awaited "Winter Package “Clean Energy for.. More info >>
Cut air pollution, cut health costs
On December 14th 2016 New Rules for Member States to cut air pollution  have been signed into Law by  the European Parliament and the.. More info >>
H2Spotting in Jumbo Energy Plan for “all Europeans”
Bear with us! This will be our largest introduction to our  monthly news brief so far as the European Commission presented on November 30, 2016.. More info >>
H2Spotting? what to do with VW’s $ 800 mln settlement…
The Air Resources Board (ARB) organizes a public workshop on Friday, December 2, 2016, to provide suggestions for Volkswagen’s (VW) $800 million 10-year zeroemission vehicle.. More info >>
As COP 22 ends, Pole is up 20 degrees
As COP22, starts coming to a close in Marrakesh this week with more rules in the fate of the Paris Agreement, US election outcome and.. More info >>
Heating Industry and CHP: brief of meeting Brussels
Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 marked the third annual joint meeting between EHI and Cogen Europe More info >>
Transmission meets Storage
ENTSO-E published a paper October 21st, 2016,  regarding its views on energy storage and storage services More info >>
Technology Transfer and Marrakesh
Technology transfer was a key component at the Paris COP 21 in December of last year More info >>
Clean Transport moves COP22
Following up on last month’s newsletter, and the work done by the Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCat), the Partnership has been active in.. More info >>