H2 Spotting: EU launches global project investment portal:
As part of the Investment Plan for Europe the recently established European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) offers an opportunityto  provide greater transparency about EU investment.. More info >>
H2 Spotting: 2016 batch of EU energy infrastructure projects approved
On July 15, 2016  EU Member States approved  €263 million funding in key trans-European energy infrastructure projects,of which the largest part will go to gas.. More info >>
“Power2Hydrogen – The Missing Link of the Energy Transition” Debate at the EP
On June 28th, 2016 a EU Parliament Breakfast Debate at the European Parliament hosted by the German MEP Jo Leinen and organized by Hydrogen Europe featured.. More info >>
Copper and Hydrogen to enable EU’s innovative grids?
According to the 2016 edition of the 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) developed by the European network of transmission system operators for electricity ENTSOE,  an.. More info >>
Fireworks in Brussels: decarbonizing transport with (sales) targets?
Delaying the publication of our July's EHA  Monthly Update till after the Belgian Independence Day fireworks of July 21 was worth it: the EU's Communication.. More info >>
Coming soon FCEV and H2 filling stations on the EAFO website
Keep checking! This In July 2016,  hydrogen refuelling stations data would be published on the the European Alternative Fuels Observatory  EAFO website More info >>
Midsummer night dreams….
The start of the EU summer was coloured by many events that, slide upon slide upon slide, pointed to the need to not only push.. More info >>
Defining Projects of Common Interest
They sound more like big socio economic endeavours to keep steer the EU towards a great united future,  but Projects of Common Interest in the.. More info >>
Going with the wind on Wind Day
According to the  International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA’s latest report with the right policies in place, the cost of electricity from solar and wind power.. More info >>
Labelling fuel cells
The European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee will vote on the reform of the Enerrgy labelling Directive (COM2010/30) led by Italian EU rapporteur .. More info >>