EU Parliament vote on Fuel Quality Directive shows unease on EU’s emission ambitions
18 Dec, 2014 An EU Parliament vote December 17, 2014 on the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) did not reach a  qualified majority of 376 needed for rejection but.. More info >>
Energy Union Commissioner points to strong political buy-in for Energy Union
20 Nov, 2014 Maroš Šefčovič, EU Commissioner of the Energy Union, at an High Level Energy Policy Conference co-organized by the EU Commission and the main Gas and.. More info >>
European Court puts more heat on diesels
20 Nov, 2014 The UK government will come under renewed pressure to cut pollution from diesel vehicles following the latest ruling in a battle over clean air. Nitrogen dioxide.. More info >>
UNEP presents Emissions GAP Report in Brussels: efficiency is the word….
19 Nov, 2014 Jacqueline McGlade, lead author of the UNEP Gap Emission report, presented the last Gap Emission Report at the Climate Foundation on November 19 in.. More info >>
5th Synthesis Report of IPCC: fossil fuel with CCS to phase out by 2100
10 Nov, 2014 The International Panel on Climate Change IPCC, published its synthesis Fifth Assessment report, at the 40th session in Copenhagen  on October 30 More info >>
New EU Car Fleet Emissions Performance in Line with Targets
05 Nov, 2014 According to a report by the European Environment Agency (EEA), efficiency of passenger cars and vans in the EU has improved over the past years,.. More info >>
US and Germany discuss power to gas in DWV annual Parliamentary Evening
05 Nov, 2014 Parallel developments and differences concerning climate protection and renewable energies became visible during a Parliamentary Evening which was held on November 4th by DWV with.. More info >>
EU leaders agree to tough carbon regulations to spur renewable energy development and fight climate change
05 Nov, 2014 European Union leaders backed the most-ambitious carbon emissions goals of any major economy, in a bid to crank up pressure on the U.S More info >>
EU Council: enhance storage capacity for energy security
24 Oct, 2014 On 23 October EU leaders committed by to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%, and increase EU renewable energy to least 27% More info >>
UK government unveils major investment in H2 infrastructure
09 Oct, 2014 The UK Government on October 9 unveiled its plans to provide up to £11million support to facilitate the roll-out of hydrogen fuelled vehicles and associated.. More info >>