FC powered material handling on the rise thanks to FCH JU support
The HAWL and HyLIFT-EUROPE projects supported by the FCH JU deploying FC powered material handling vehicles  are progressing quite well More info >>
EHA AGM life from HFC Nordic Conference
The EHA is planning an online Annual General Meeting during at the sixth HFC Nordic, co-organised by EHA national association members, Hydrogen Sweden, and.. More info >>
Carrefour spo(r)ts H2 powered FC forklift trucks
The Carrefour Group, as a new GenDrive fuel cell customer in Europe, will purchase 57 Plug Power GenDrive units, to be  deployed in STILL-brand class-2.. More info >>
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The FCH JU -funded project KnowHy, carried out a by a consortium of experienced partners in fuel cells and hydrogen technology all over Europe, has.. More info >>
In Italy: 40 engineers and 40 journalisits in the know in 24 hours
The "Ordine degli Ingegneri" of Bergamo on June 30, 2016  invited the EHA to talk about the most recent EU programs that are supporting the.. More info >>
Brief TEN T Days: linking transport corridors and clean energy supply
As a report by the German Federal Environment Agency indicated that its transport sector has to cut emissions by about 98 percent to reduce overall emissions by.. More info >>
WHEC 2016 Brief Day 3
What do we need to believe in in order to reach our goals? Filip Smeets CEO of Hydrogenics Europe set the tone of the thrid.. More info >>
WHEC 2016 Brief Day 2
At the WHEC 2016 Day 2 Plenray Bart Biebuick, "kersverse" director of the FCH JU program office,  rounded up current status in FCH JU project.. More info >>
WHEC 2016 Brief Day 1
The plenary session reflected the change in automotive moods since the WHEC 2014 in Korea: both BMW and Toyota referrred to increased customer and societal.. More info >>