FCH Brief Day 4 Hannover Fair
On April 28, 2016, the fourth day of the Hannover fair the EHA organized a session on "Crossing borders, linking the first natioanl station.. More info >>
FCH Brief Day 3 Hannover Fair
The H2, FC and and Battery Group Exhibit broke records in number of exhibitors, so who are the new kids on the block in Hall.. More info >>
FCH Brief Day 2 Hannover Fair 2016
The second of the H2 FC and Battery Group Exhibit day kicked off with a presentation of Denis Thomas of Hydrogenics on the latest updates.. More info >>
FCH Brief Day 1 Hannover Fair 2016
With Obama touring the Hannover Fair during the early morning hours, the 20th edition of H2 and FC  and Battery Group Exhibit saw a series.. More info >>
EHA at CTCN Board meeting in Vienna, April 11 -13, 2016
The EHA since 2014 is regularly attending the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre Network  (CTCN) board meetings as a CTCN network partner to ensure that.. More info >>
Hydrogen Days CZ moves H2 and FC across Visegrad borders
The Czech Ministries of Transport and Education and Technology at the opening of the Hydrogen Days 2016 in Prague organized by the Czech Hydrogen.. More info >>
EHA at final H2 Visgrad event in Prague
In December 2014 Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and other Central European countries embarked on a cooperation focused on hydrogen technologies with the aim to.. More info >>
EHA’s lustrum at 21st Hannover’s H2 FC Battery Group Exhibit
Join us in at the 21 st edition of the H2+Fc+Battery Group Exhibit from April 25 - 29, 2016 in Hannover! The EHA stand features latest.. More info >>
COP21>Climate change drives migration: what role for H2?
In 2014 the EHA became the first network partner to represent H2 and FC technologies to combat climate change in the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre.. More info >>
Energie für immer! New H2 campaign launched in Germany
Hannes Jaenicke is convinced hydrogen and fuel cells are "all rounders for climate protection": On Janaury 25, 2016 „Wasserstoff Brennstoffzelle Deutschland“ 13 partenrs teamed to.. More info >>