Synergize! Blend! Jumpstarting EU’s Energy-Transport Infrastructure in 12 EU Member States?!
With 12 of the 17 national policy framework plans required under including the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (COM2014/94) including hydrogen, meaning that by 2025 national.. More info >>
UK H2 and FC association wins parliament enquiry on H2 in UK’s Energy System
The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA) has managed to secure a dedicated inquiry into hydrogen and fuel cells and their role.. More info >>
Billions for FCH and trillions for emerging economies to boost energy transition
2017 started big at the World Economic Forum in Davos where 13 leading multinationals announced their Hydrogen Council, investing $10.7 bln in the.. More info >>
Looking for synergies in 2016…..
The EHA, over the course of 2016, explored several synergies with various new initiatives that will change the hydrogen landscape in Europe and beyond More info >>
FCH JU Stakeholders Meeting: 1:3,25 on investments and counting
The third day of the annual FCH JU conference marked the end of the programme review days and the stakeholder review forum More info >>
FCH JU Programme Review: Day 2
November 22nd was the second FCH JU programme review day focusing on research activities in fuel cell applications in the areas of transport, hydrogen distribution.. More info >>
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking: Review Day 1
November 21 marked the first day of the three day annual Stakeholder Meeting  hosted by the FCH JU More info >>
FC Forklift Spotting: brief from first International workshop in Berlin
The German National Organisation for Hydorgenand Fuel cells (NOW GmbH) organized the First International NOW Workshop on Hydorgen and Feul cells in Material Handling, Intralogistics.. More info >>
H2 Movers and Shakers
The EHA was recently asked by the th Paris Process Mobility and Climate PPMC, to name a few movers and shakers in the FCH trasnport community.. More info >>
Why organize the 16th EHA AGM in Sandviken, SE?
Two years ago Sandvik and the municipality of Sandviken openend a hydrogen refuelling station More info >>