FCH Brief Day 4 Hannover Fair
On April 28, 2016, the fourth day of the Hannover fair he EHA organized a session on "Crossing borders, linking the first natioanl station.. More info >>
FCH Brief Day 3 Hannover Fair
The H2, FC and and Battery Group Exhibit broke records in number of exhibitors, so who are the new kids on the block in Hall.. More info >>
FCH Brief Day 2 Hannover Fair 2016
The second of the H2 FC and Battery Group Exhibit day kicked off with a presentation of Denis Thomas of Hydrogenics on the latest updates.. More info >>
FCH Brief Day 1 Hannover Fair 2016
With Obama touring the Hannover Fair during the early morning hours, the 20th edition of H2 and FC  and Battery Group Exhibit saw a series.. More info >>
Toyota Mirai on Nordic Tour
The Toyota MIRAI is proving its due diligence on a Nordic tour this April supported by Woikowski hydrogen refuelling operations in Stockholm and Helsinki More info >>
Filling up Europe’s capital: first public HRS opens near Brussels
Belgium's first public H2 refuelling  station is open for businbess More info >>
ITM Power and BOC Sign Hydrogen Refuelling Siting Agreement
ITM Power , EHA member since 2013, has announced that it has signed an agreement with BOC, of the Linde Groupc, to provide infrastructure for ITM.. More info >>
World’s first fuel cell car sharing service has been launched in Munich
The Linde Group, has launched the world’s first car sharing service, which exclusively uses fuel cell cars More info >>
European Alternative Fuels Observatory online!
Following the example of the European Electromobility Observatory, EEO,  the European Commission has launched a website providing specialised data and relevant information on alternative transport.. More info >>
Add H2 and FC to EU’s Energy Union before May 31!
The European Commission has launched a Public Consultation on the development of the Energy Union Integrated Research, Innovation and Competitiveness Strategy (EURICS) aimed at facilitating.. More info >>
EU Integrated SET Plan: FCH action required
​After the Communication on the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan, (COM2015 /6317)  of September 15, 2015 in which an integrated approach and not a technology.. More info >>
European Parliament allows higher emissions during test update
On February 3, 2016 the European Parliament rejected to veto a plan to temporarily raise NOx emission limits for diesel cars. The new European Commission proposal.. More info >>
Renewable H2 station “Don Quichote” opens March 9, 2016
The project Don Quichote (Demonstration of a new qualitative innovative concept of hydrogen out of wind turbine electricity) is set up to demonstrate the.. More info >>
FCH JU Info Day on latest Call February 3, 2016
Registration is open for the Info Day on February 3, 2016 in Brussels on the lateest FCH JU call 2016: for more info click.. More info >>
Czech H2 Technology Platform organizes 3rd edition Hydrogen Days
The Czech H2 Technology Platform, EHA's national association member in the Czech Republic, is organizing the third addition of the Hydrogen Days on April 8-9.. More info >>
WHEC 2016 Abstracts Call huge success!
WHEC 2016 organizers received more than 770 Abstracts from 57 countries which means the WHEC 2016 is on its way to become one of main events.. More info >>
New important WHEC dates
The World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) will celebrate its 21st edition in Zaragoza (Spain) from 13th to 16th June 2016, organized by the Spanish.. More info >>
WHEC 2016 brochure is online
The world’s hydrogen and fuel cell community will come together in Zaragoza, Spain on June 2016, for the World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2016 (WHEC2016)
WHEC 2016, 13th-16th June, 2016, Zaragoza, Spain
The Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) is honored to invite all international stakeholders on hydrogen and fuel cells technologies and subjects relating to hydrogen production, storage,.. More info >>