Workshop on Hydrogen Safety Training for First Responders

When: 3 Sep - 4 Sep, 2014   Where: Aix en Provence, France

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (FCH) technologies and applications are quite unknown from fire authorities’ and First Responders’.

Therefore the “First International Workshop on Hydrogen Safety Training for First Responders will take place on the 3rd and 4th of September 2014 at ENSOSP site in Aix en Provence, France. The workshop is organized within the frame of HyResponse, an EC funded project and FCH technologies will be exhibited.

The registration form and the programme can be found at:

Fueling a Brussels’ autumn for clean fuel from clean energy
09 Jul, 2014 The EHA together with other European sustainable energy organisations, like the Renewables Grid Initiative,  are joining forces to inform the new EU Parliament on current status of clean distributed generation and sustainable network development this autumn More info >>
Lifting fuel cell powered material handling to new H2eights in Europe
07 Jul, 2014 On June 23 the HyLIFT-DEMO project, the first European demonstration of fuel cell powered forklift trucks (FC FLT) funded by the FCH JU , presented its final results More info >>
EHA continues support for the EU Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels
02 Jun, 2014 Since 2010 the EHA has been active in the European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels (EGFTF) that had been created by the European Commission  for the purpose of: Assessing market potential, technological issues, economic aspects, environmental impacts, and social implications of the different alternative fuels considered as part of a long-term oil substitution for transport fuels Designing scenarios towards substitution of fossil energy sources for transport fuels Recommending policy measures towards substitution of oil as transport fuel To support the Commission's Transport 2050 Strategy 2011, that aims to break EU transport’s dependence on oil and proposes a target of 60 % greenhouse gas emissions' reduction by 2050 More info >>
EHA supports fifth IPHE H2igher Edcuational Encounter in Oslo
23 May, 2014 On May 19 the University of Oslo hosted the the fourth H2igher Educational Rounds organised by the Working Group Education of the International Partnership for hydrogen and fuel cells in the Economy, IPHE. Students and staff of the listened to an overview of the recent H2 and FC activities in Japan, USA, France and Germany and were taken on a tour to the Lillestrøm Hydrogen centre where innovative  concepts of renewable hydrogen production are developed starting from solar and biogas More info >>
SAE published Light Duty Vehicle Hydrogen Refeulling Standard
30 Jul, 2014 SAE International published the J2601 worldwide standard, “Fueling Protocols for Light Duty Gaseous Hydrogen Surface Vehicles”, the light duty hydrogen fueling protocol serving as a  basis  for fueling the first generation hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEVs) with hydrogen. “SAE J2601 enables a safe and quick hydrogen fueling experience for FCEVs,” according to Jesse Schneider, lead of the SAE J2601 and J2799 standards More info >>
Looking to install a micro FC in your home, business, community?
23 Jul, 2014 The FCH JU co-funded project enefield field trials are now open fro business;  you can find out if field trials are open in the country you live in by clicking on the European map on the enefield homepage. Currently a number of different types of fuel cell micro-CHP systems are being installed that are suited to different kinds of installations.  For example some are suitable for houses, while others are better suited to small businesses, blocks of flats or public buildings More info >>
Stagecoach buses arrival
08 Jul, 2014 Next shipment of hydrogen buses rolls into Aberdeen Two more zero-emission buses have arrived in the North-east as part of the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project. The vehicles, built by Belgian firm Van Hool, have been delivered to Stagecoach’s Tullos depot in the south of the city More info >>
Energiewende takes a new turn: Secretary of State Reiche Opens Renewable H2 Facility
07 Jul, 2014 Parliamentary Secretary of State to the Federal Transport Minister, Katherina Reiche, on May 23, 2014 refuelled a fuel cell vehicle for the first time at the “Green Hydrogen Hub” (H2BER) of the TOTAL multi-energy fuelling station at Berlin-Schoenefeld More info >>
FCH JU II Call of proposal 2014: infodays in Brussels and Milan
14 July, 2014 After the official launch of the second program of the FCH JU and its Infoday on the first call for proposals in Brussels on July 10, Italy will kick off a first FCH JU II Infoday in Milan organized by the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations, FAST in cooperation the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel cell Association H2IT and the local Enterprise Europe Network lat FAST. The second part of the FCH JU  II is open for business as of June 27 and its resources , assured 50% by the European Commission for the period 2014-2020, increased to 665 million Euro More info >>
France’s bet on renewable energies
20 Jun, 2014 French Ministry for Ecology, headed by Segolène Royal, published an ambitious energy plan on June 18,2014 More info >>
US States to develop plans for power plants CO2 cuts by 2016
02 Jun, 2014 The second biggest global polluter has been set up by the Obama administration to cut power plants emission by 30% by 2030 (form 2005 levels) More info >>
OECD study reveals health cost of road transport emissions
27 May, 2014 The cost of air pollution to the world’s largest economies runs into the trillions of euros, with emissions from road transport accounting for about half of the total, according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The study estimates the cost of air pollution to the OECD member countries and China and India, at $3.5 trillion (€2.6 trillion). The cost to the OECD’s club of 34 “advanced” economies, which includes the majority of EU countries, is an estimated $1.7 trillion (€1.2 trillion). Road transport accounts for an estimated 50% of the economic cost of air pollution in its member countries, according to a review of literature presented in the study More info >>
Hydrogen Safety Training for First Responders first workshop in France
3 Sep - 4 Sep, 2014 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (FCH) technologies and applications both in transport and energy sectors arrive to the market today More info >>
Workshop on Hydrogen Safety Training for First Responders
3 Sep - 4 Sep, 2014 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (FCH) technologies and applications are quite unknown from fire authorities' and First Responders'. Therefore the "First International Workshop on Hydrogen Safety Training for First Responders will take place on the 3rd and 4th of September 2014 at ENSOSP site in Aix en Provence, France More info >>
Hydrogen Panel goes WindEnergy Hamburg, Expo H2
23 Sep - 26 Sep, 2014 H2 Expo is the only industrial trade fair linking the topic of energy storage with the wind industry pointing out the international wind markets More info >>
Joint European Summer Schools on Fuel Cell, Electrolyser and Battery Technologies
21 Sep - 27 Sep, 2014 The Joint European Summer School JESS 2014 will take place in the city of Rethymno in Crete from 21 to 27 September 2014 providing high level courses on selected topics More info >>