Air Products wins contract for 19 H2 refeuling stations in California
09 Oct, 2014 Air Products announced on October 8, 2014 that it has signed an agreement to be the hydrogen fuelling station and technology supplier for FirstElement Fuel, Inc.’s.. More info >>
EHA’s FC and H2 science news flash
01 Oct, 2014 See a short overview of what we gathered over the last month: 1 - Researchers at MIT have improved a proposed liquid battery system that could enable.. More info >>
India Energy Storage interest webinar October 15, 2014
15 Oct, 2014 Over the last three years the EHA is partner of the European Business and Technology Centre to promote innovation echanges with Indian intrerests in fuel.. More info >>
French National Association AFHYPAC strong response to government H2 paper
22 Sep, 2014 In reponse to a French ananlysis of the use og hydorgen by a French government strategist at  France Stratégie « Y a-t-il une place pour l'hydrogène.. More info >>
First European Fuel Cell Bus Service and Parts Centre opens in Lier
29 Oct, 2014 Ballard Power Systems and partner Van Hool N.V.,  launched on October 16, 2014 a  joint European Service and Parts Centre for fuel cell buses (to.. More info >>
HIT Project published overview of FCEV and HRS status and first recommendations
08 Oct, 2014 The Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport, HIT, project's expert team, that is distilling a Synchronized Implementation Plan for the roll out of hydrogen refueling infrastructure along.. More info >>
EU Council: enhance storage capacity for energy security
24 Oct, 2014 On 23 October EU leaders committed by to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%, and increase EU renewable energy to least 27% More info >>
UK government unveils major investment in H2 infrastructure
09 Oct, 2014 The UK Government on October 9 unveiled its plans to provide up to £11million support to facilitate the roll-out of hydrogen fuelled vehicles and associated.. More info >>
EC proposal updates Fuel Quality Directive’s fuels’ carbon intensity calculation.
08 Oct, 2014 The EU Commission adopted a proposal to implement existing obligations in the 2009 amendment of the Fuel Quality Directive on October 7, 2014 More info >>
Romania Energy Independent by 2020
03 Oct, 2014 Romania is expected to achieve energy independence by the end of the decade, due to shale gas and alternative energy sources like wind and nuclear.. More info >>
Workshop: How LCA Reports Can Contribute To Better Business Planning
10 Nov, 2014 Workshop: How LCA Reports Can Contribute To Better Business Planning Brussels –11:30 – 13:00 Monday 10 November 2014 (times to be confirmed; this workshop will run in.. More info >>
EHA chairman at Telco Expo London November 11, 2014
11 - 12 Nov, 2014 Telco Energy & Infrastructure Efficiency conference organized in London this year seeks to tackle tackle operators" struggle against rising carbon emissions and energy costs across their networks and.. More info >>
2014 Stakeholder Forum – Programme Review Days of the FCH JU, 10-12 November 2014
10 - 12 Nov, 2014 This is once again the occasion for industry and policy-makers to show the contribution of this partnership to the European energy and transport targets. For this.. More info >>
3rd International Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell, Udaipur, India
7 - 9 Dec, 2014 Hydrogen association of India (HAI) is planning to have the 3rd International Conference  on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in 7-9 December 2014 at Udaipur, which.. More info >>