1. EHA’s active lobby presence in Brussels makes a difference in key EU dossiers:


2006:  Green paper European strategy for sustainable, competitive and secure
energy: EHA submitted key amendments that were integrated in final text

2007: Regulation to set up the Joint Undertaking for fuels cells and hydrogen
(FCH JU): EHA secured supportive EU Parliament rapporteur

2008: EHA secured inclusion of hydrogen in EU’s 10% renewable energy in
transport target in EU Renewable Energy Directive.

2009: Green Paper on SustainableTransport for Europe: EHA suggested to include
fuel cell electric vehicles in electomobility definition: accepted.

2010: EU Energy Strategy 2011 – 2020 Communication and Energy infrastructure
priorities also beyond 2020 include reference to hydrogen that were
EHA suggested by the EHA.

2011:  White Paper on Transport includes references to link SET Plan suggested by EHA

2012:  EU Smart Cities and Communities Initiative referred to “using hydrogen as an energy carrier for storing energy and balancing demand at city level for energy and stationary power ..”.


2. EHA is the point of reference for EU decision makers on national developments:
In 2000 six national hydrogen organisations established the European Hydrogen Association (EHA) to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in Europe; in 2012 the EHA is representing 21 national associations covering membership linking to 300 companies active in hydrogen and fuel cell development in Europe. This unique representation allowes the EHA to be invited to key EU Commission transport and energy policy working groups meetings (Cars 21, Future Transport Fuels Expert Group) to actively contribute instead of react to policy developments

3. EHA facilitates links of industry with of regional and local projects opportunities:

In 2007 the EHA actively supported the establishment of the European Regions and Municipalities Partnership for fuel cells and hydrogen, HyRaMP, representing 30 regions in Europe.  Since 2008 the EHA is hosting HyRaMP’s now HyER’s office in Brussels linking industry with regional intiatives and funding opportunities

4. EHA is a dissemination instrument for FCH JU and other EU project results:

EHA supports the dissemination of currently 7 FCH JU projects involving its national association members in financed dissemination activities. This allows national and local stakeholders to gain insight in results, impact and key industrial developments.

5.  EHA is writing Europe’s hydrogen history:

–  EHA website: 50.000 unique visitors/year, Google “Europe Hydrogen” shows EHA
–  Monthly updates with extensive  EU policy, national and industry updates;
–  EHA database of key past and current EU dossiers relevant to H2 development;
–  EHA database of educational programmes and materials in Europe;
–  EHA published 6 editions of European hydrogen refuelling infrastructure maps.

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