The map highlights all our member countries along with their planned TENT T Hydrogen Corridors.
Antwerp over the “Lijn”: launch of High V.LO City lines

The world’s most clean and most quiet are roaming the inner city of Antwerp in Belgium.  The secretary of Transport of the Flanders Region Ben Weyts kicked of the first fuel cell bus route of bus operator De Lijn on since December 1, 2014. Five fuel cell buses will be put in service that will all have to pass the Antwerp hydrogen station at Solvay only after 350 km just like conventional buses. The hydrogen is a ‘left over” of more

WaterstofNet H2 Station by Hydrogenics opens at Colruyt’s headquarters in Brussels

The WaterstofNet Hydrogen Fueling Station was officially opened on Thursday February 9th at Colruyt’s headquarters. and central warehouse in Brussels. 

Belgian and Dutch Regions present Masterplan for joined Hydrogen development

The VSWB, the Flanders Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association organised a workshop in the presence of the Minister of Economy of Flanders to present a bilateral project to establish a Hydrogen Region (Waterstof Regio). A Masterplan has been developed that will involve local industry, research institutes and local government with a budget of € 16 mln for the period of 2008- 2012. The Masterplan highlights four areas of interest: – Maritime sector: development of two vessels for touristic journeys in more

Total Hydrogen station in Brussels

The Total Hydrogen station in Brussels has opened on June 2, 2008 in Brussels. The station is located in the south of Brussels on the highway Brussels-Paris. The Linde Group is supplying the hydrogen. The BMW Hydrogen 7 cars that are used by the Commission will refuel at the station.

Bulgarian Hydrogen Week

The national association Bulgarian Hydrogen Society (BG H2 Society: has been found to join the scientific potential of our country and to coordinate the realization of the Hydrogen Technologies in the Republic of Bulgaria.
BG H2 Society, under the auspicious of the European Hydrogen Association and the Prime Minister of Republic of Bulgaria, organizes within the International Year of Chemistry 2011:  “Week of Hydrogen in Bulgaria”, Feb 05-10, 2011
With the participation of Paul Lucchese, President of the New European Research Grouping on fuel cells and Hydrogen (N.ERGHY), Paris, France.

Bulgarian Hydrogen Association requests EHA membership

Bulgarian Hydrogen Society (BG H2 Society) has been founded by the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Bulgaria, members of Bulgarian Parliament, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM) and Bulgarian Academy of Science as well as experts from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Technical University of Sofia and University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”. BG H2 Society throughout the Hydrogen Technology Centre (UCTM) introduced the master course “Hydrogen Technology” and has been working in all of the more

EHA at final H2 Visgrad event in Prague

In December 2014 Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and other Central European countries embarked on a cooperation focused on hydrogen technologies with the aim to catch up with Western Europe in this promising field of power engineering. The project initiated by Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform (HYTEP) will be wrapped up by international conference Hydrogen Days from April 6-8, 2016 in Prague where the EHA will be leading a session on national developments on April 6, 2016. “We have seen a number more

Activities in Czech Republic

Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform (HYTEP) is a non-profit organization aiming to integrate activities of its members towards introduction of hydrogen technology to the commercial production and use in the broad spectra of application areas. Beside technical development it includes also dissemination of information on this specific and highly innovative field of technology and education of new specialists. The membership includes all type of institutions, like universities, public and private research institutions as well as commercial industrial subjects.

Skoda kicks of fuel cell bus demonstration in Czech Republic.

From this June a Skoda fuel cell hybride bus, powered by a 48 kW Proton Motor fuel cell and 22 Li-Ion batteries and 4 ultra capacitors, will be touring Neratovice in the Central Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. The bus will have a range of 250 km and stores hydrogen at 350 bar. The hydrogen is produced off site by the Linde Group.  Storage will be upgraded to 700 bar. The bus has been funded by EU Strucutral funds more

Conversion of energy, news from Danish partnership for hydrogen and fuel cells

To make the fluctuating power production from windmills more useful for the Danish society certain plants are needed for the conversion of this power into other energy forms that can be stored. Storing energy means that power will be available at all times – also when the windmills are not running due to less wind or extreme weather conditions. The most efficient way of converting surplus power production into useful fuels is electrolysis. In electrolysis the electricity is used for splitting water more

Scandinavian zero emission cooperation

Regions and municipalities in the Öresund – Kattegat – Skagerrak area have expressed a political will to enforce the use of emission-free vehicles. Next Move is an EU-funded project that facilitates cooperation across borders to meet strategic challenges like purchasing and service, for the regions and municipalities that want to become early users of these vehicles.

New 700bar H2 refueling station opens in Holstebro, Denmark

H2 Logic and Hydrogen Link announced 20 June 2011 the launch of a new hydrogen refueling station in Holstebro, Denmark.
It is the first 700bar refueling station as part of the LINK2009 project that has been supported by the Danish Energy Agency EUDP program with a project budget of €5 million.

New hydrogen car crosses Denmark

The 340 km ride started after a three minute refueling at a station in Holstebro and ended in Copenhagen four hours later with still plenty of mileage left in the tank. The vehicle used was Hyundai/Kia’s latest hydrogen SUV model, Tucson ix35. Please refer to the press release for further information (in Danish).

Dutch Update: HyGear commissions H2 generation system in the US

HyGear has successfully commissioned its ASME certified Hydrogen Generation System (HGS) for Matheson Texas, which will produce 100 Nm3/h of hydrogen from natural gas. Matheson is one of the world’s largest suppliers of gases and gas handling equipment. The generated hydrogen will be used to provide decentralized users with merchant gas. The HGS generates hydrogen through steam methane reforming of natural gas. HyGear’s reform reactor with proprietary catalyst technology re-uses the waste heat of the process to induce the reform reaction. more

Helsinki on its way to become next hydrogen hub

 Oy Woikoski Ab, a Finnish family-run business, is investing heavily in the creation of a hydrogen society. The company has opened a second hydrogen filling station at the Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki. The station was inaugurated by Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö. Finland’s first hydrogen car and filling station were introduced at the Woikoski main office in Voikoski earlier this year. A forerunner in hydrogen production Woikoski has produced hydrogen for 101 years; only the production methods have changed. more

Fuel Cell Today publishes Report on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Finland

Fuel Cell Today has published a series of five reports on the Nordic countries, one which gives a brief overview of the energy context in Finland. 

Finland’s particular strength is in the use of wood-based biomass for energy. Over a fifth of its primary energy consumption is met by bioenergy, one of the highest proportions among the OECD member countries, and it has the highest share of biomass in electricity generation in the world.

Hydrogen Refuelling Station for Arctic

H2 Logic A/S has recently supplied a hydrogen refuelling station 150 meters north of the polar circle, at the Arctic Driving Centre in Finland. The station is based on H2Station® technology and provides three minutes fast fill of hydrogen at 700 bar for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) being tested by car manufacturers under extreme cold climate conditions.

11th European Forum on Eco-Innovation

The European Commission, Directorate General for the Environment is hosting  the 11th European Forum on Eco-Innovation that will take place on 11 and 12 October in Helsinki and Lahti, Finland. The 11th Forum will be dedicated to ‘Working with emerging economies for green growth’ The objectives of this forum are to: identify global opportunities for eco-innovation and for green trade between developed and developing nations; review practical examples of making trade work on the ground; and pinpoint the challenges and generate recommendations more

Catamaran H2.0 will start world tour in 2017

The completely energy independent catamaran that will start its would tour in April 2017 from Paris and will travel five years to make 101 stops around the world has been making waves on social media, see @H2Euro. To achieve energy independence, it will use solar panels in combination with PEM electrolizer to make hydrogen as a way to store energy. H2 will be stored in type III reservoirs and then PEM CEA fuel cells will be used to transform it back to more

CNPA joins the ranks of the AFHYPAC

The National Council of Automobile Professions (CNPA) joined the AFHYPAC (The French Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) on October 28, 2015. The CNPA represents the French automobile distribution, sales and services companies. The partnership will further promote the initiatives launched by the Hydrogen Mobility in France Plan, coordinated by the AFHYPAC. The Plan, under the European Program HIT “Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport”, aims to simultaneously deploy fleets of vehicles and service stations in close collaboration with other stakeholders. Working more

French Minister of Industrial Renewal supports hydrogen energy future for France

The French Minister for Industrial Renewal Arnaud Montebourg visited the national site for Hydrogen technology on 20 January  2014 in Labessière-Candeil, on the occasion of the National Meeting of hydrogen technologies. “If we want hydrogen to be an option in the coming years, we must prepare now,” underlined Jean- Marc Pastor, co-author of the report “« L’hydrogène, vecteur de la transition énergétique?”. “We need to have a clear governmental position”. And the government’s position seems to be in favour of more

AFHYPAC reaffirms the key role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy transition

In December 2013, AFHYPAC elected a new Board, composed of six members. France has committed to reduce its fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and hydrogen and fuel cells have been shown to contribute significantly to this objective. Read here the press release (only in french).

Ulm opens 21st public refuelling station in Germany

The Twenty-first public hydrogen refeulling station opened in Ulm this July, funded as the research and development project of German federal government through the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) and located on the grounds of ZSW on Helmholtzstrasse. The new station is part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP). In total, 50 hydrogen refueling station will be opened in the frames of CEP project. EHA is keeping track of allpublicly accessible hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe and their hydrogen source. more

Global standardisation, news from German hydrogen and fuel cell association, Berlin

Global standards for hydrogen and fuel cells are made in the Technical Committee 197 „Hydrogen Technologies“ of the world standardisation organisation ISO. This year’s plenary of the TC was held on December 4 and 5 in Japan. The focus of TC 197 at this time is on hydrogen refilling stations and their components. The work is urgent, because the European Commission has recently published a directive on the infrastructure for alternative fuels. It can only be implemented when there are more

German Government Lays Out Mobility and Fuels Strategy

A new policy paper “The Mobility and Fuels Strategy of the German Government (MFS)” was published in June 2013 by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. This strategy demands step-by-step changes of energy sources in transport and increases in energy efficiency. Germany can become “the leading market for innovative technologies and sustainable mobility solutions, and the provider of energy-efficient products on the global market,” the paper says. .

Has anyone seen the fuel cell car?

Dr Ulrich Schmidtchen  from the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV) gives an overview of the current situation. The new year has just begun, but we have already seen quite a number of changes concerning the car makers developing fuel cell cars.

“Hydrogen fuel cell based mobility and fuel cell bus development in Central Europe” workshop in Budapest

The Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association organized the workshop “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Based Mobility and Fuel Cell Bus Development in Central Europe” on 19 February 2014 in Budapest. Find here the workshop programme.

EU project development course in Hungary

The FP7 Winter Academy offers a three-day February 7th-10th winter course covering all stages of an EU project development. Participants will learn the difference between FP7 and other EU programmes and get an in-depth look at the entire life-cycle of an EU project, including financial reporting and post project audits.  They will learn how to identify a call and submit a proposal in FP7. The course combines 1,5 days of proposal development and evaluation, and 2 days of project management.

Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell National Technology Platform publishes 2010 Implemenation Plan

The Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell National Technology Platform (HFC Platform) was founded in 2008 with 30+ members, including companies, universities and research institutions, with a common aim to help establishing the hydrogen economy in Hungary. The Platform promotes co-operation between academy, industry and government pursuing hydrogen becoming the dominant energy carrier for the public sector, households and industry by 2050. To view Implementation Plan see link above. For more information: Hungarian HFC Platform

Irish Minister for Transport outlines priorities for Irish Presidency

The priorities of Ireland’s Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers were presented to the various committees in the European Parliament by Irish ministers last week. 

Ireland launches Presidency Programme

The programme of the Irish Presidency was officially launched in Dublin on Wedesday Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union started on 01.01.13 and runs for the first half of the year. Ministers from the Irish Presidency will be attending the Committee meetings in the week of 21.01.13.  Ireland’s presidency which has the theme “For stability, jobs and growth” will be aiming to drive recovery in Europe.  EHA would like to wish Ireland every success in its presidency campaign  

Commissioner Oettinger opens the first electricity link between Ireland and UK

The East-West Interconnector linking the power grids of Ireland and Britain was officially opened by EU Commissioner Gunter Oettinger on 1 October.

Opportunities for Italy in the new EU programme on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

The conference “The new programme on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells within Horizon 2020: what opportunities for Italy?” will be held on 13 December 2013 in Centro Congressi Fontana di Trevi in Rome. The event is organized by the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (H2IT), the Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA), the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST) and the University of Perugia. The event will be an opportunity to take stock more

Hydrogen and electricity make pit stops at Formula 1 in Monza and Albi

Formula one is opening up to new technologies and although the GreenGT H2 competition car (foto: courtesy FuelCell Today) in the end did not yet compete in LeMans this year, this month saw various clean transport technology events on Formula One racing tracks introducing fuel cell cars as a viable alternative.

Centre for the promotion of innovation and energy technology transfer in Messina (IT)

On 23 May 2013 opened in Messina the new National Research Council “Centre for the promotion of innovation and energy technology transfer” which is a “Test Centre” for the study of hydrogen technologies, for applications in the sector of energy production for land and naval  transport.

Hera Group to open a Laboratory for Hydrogen Energy (HLab) in Forly, Italy

The HLab will be one of the few labs in Italy that receives energy from renewable sources (photovoltaic) and uses a fuel cell cogeneration system. All new technologies will be carefully studied to identify the most efficient and more attractive for industrial production. The laboratory is expected to become fully operational in 2012 and will focus on research on renewable and alternative energy sources.

Hydrogen powered locomotives manufactured in Latvia

Hydrogen locomotives will be manufactured in Latvia as a result of cooperation between the railroad company Latvijas Dzelzcels, Czech company CZ Loko and Canada’s Ballard Power Systems. Latvijas Dzelzcels subsidiary LDz Ritosa Sastava Serviss (LDz Rolling Stock Maintenance) will reconstruct the locomotive, CZ Loko will provide the necessary parts and documentation, while Ballard Power Systems will supply fuel cells. Latvian Academy of Sciences will also provide support for the project. Such locomotives will reduce noise and air pollution being able in more

Fuel cell bus stops also in Riga – a premiere in the Baltic states

On 16 October there was for the first time in the Baltic States the opportunity to get acquainted with hydrogen car, Hyundai ix35 FCEV, and the hydrogen bus, Van Hool A330 FC, during Riga Energy Days and the 11th Open Days of European Regions and Cities, at the Riga City Council’s premises and the town square. The event was supported by HyER. The event opened at the Riga City Council Chamber, where everyone was invited to the presentations of international more

Twenty years after independence Latvia is moving towards 40% renewable energy

Dotted with 3 hydropower plants and an abundance of forests, Latvia is heading quickly towards its renewable energy target to 40% in 2020.

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Akershus County Council has adopted hydrogen Strategy 2014-2025

Akershus County Council has adopted a major initiative to facilitate hydrogen cars and buses on the roads in the coming years. A strategy for the early introduction of hydrogen fuel in Akershus and Oslo was adopted by the county council 17 March. The goal is to phase out fossil fuels. In the next four years, the goal is 350 hydrogen vehicles, of which a significant number of taxis, and at least 30 hydrogen buses. Operation and development of a network of hydrogen more

The Norwegian Hydrogen Prize 2011

The Norwegian Hydrogen Forum will award a high-level university student (masters or PhD level) with the Hydrogen Prize 2011 worth of 10,000 NOK. The award will be given to the most outstanding thesis work which focuses on hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Hydrogen vehicle lease now available in Oslo

If you live in Oslo, you can now lease a hydrogen car!
Hynor currently has a Mazda RX8 that runs on hydrogen. It can be refilled at Økern Statoil in Oslo and Drammen. This is a rare opportunity to showcase your business while trying out a hydrogen propelled vehicle!
For more information: Contact Benjamin Myklebust at ZERO (



HyNor Oslo Buss will operate 5 fuel cell buses from Belgium bus manufacturer Van Hool

HyNor Oslo Buss will operate 5 fuel cell buses, from the Belgium bus manufacturer Van Hool, with hydrogen as fuel from December 2011 including a hydrogen station. The operation will be based at Rosenholm bus garage, where the hydrogen station also will be established. Ruter is responsible for the operation, but the actual driving of the buses will be done by an operator chosen from a competitive tender in February 2011. The hydrogen station will be procured in October 2010 more

4th Polish Forum: SMART ENERGY conversion & storage

The 4-Polish Forum “SMART ENERGY conversion & storage” will be held 1-4 October 2013 in Krynica Zdrój. Participation in the forum was confirmed by world-famous, foreign and domestic scientists who work in the field of fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage, lithium batteries, supercapacitors, thermoelectric and solar energy technologies. For more information: ATTENTION – DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS JULY 25th

Marie Curie Hydrogen Research Network meets in Warsaw

The third meeting Marie Curie Research Training Network “Hydrogen” will take place from October 21-25, 2009 in Warsaw. Hosted by the University of Warsaw . The Hydrogen network brings together leading researchers from different disciplines and sectors with a combined expertise that maximises the chance of achieving scientific breakthroughs in production and storage of hydrogen, while guaranteeing the successful training of a new generation of scientists for tackling scientific problems standing in the way of the hydrogen economy. Training in more

The Emergence of the Hydrogen Economy, Oeiras

The 5th International Seminar and 3rd Scientific Workshop on “The Emergence of the Hydrogen Economy” will take place on 29 and 30 November in Oerias, Portugal.

5th International Seminar on Advances in Hydrogen Energy – Portugal

The  4th International Seminar on Advances in Hydrogen Energy: Opportunities and Challenges in a Hydrogen Economy, will take place on the 10-11th of November in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. EHA will be there!

Portugese Hydrogen Association publishes Lisbon Statement on Hydrogen

The Portugese Hydrogen Association APH2 published the “Lisbon Statement on Hydrogen” to draw governments  attentioin to the need to speed up the support for sustainable hydrogen infrastrucutre developments. The statement urges  overnments  to boost directly
or indirectly the implementation of a Hydrogen based Economy.

EHA welcomes the Romanian Association for Hydrogen Energy/

The Romanian Association for Hydrogen Energy (AEHR – Asociatia pentru Energia Hidrogenului din Romania), is a non-profit organization established in 2012 and headquartered in Râmnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea County, Romania.

Connecting Eastern Europe to Clean Power for Transport: Romanian Hy-Ways

“Why not trying to be among the first this time?” asked prof. Eden Mamut, Secretary General of Black Sea Universities Network introducing  the initiative Romanian Hy-Ways

Romania set to join European Hydrogen Association

The EHA would like to welcome its newest application for membership from the Romanian Association for Hydrogen Energy under the leadership of Mr Iordache Ioan.  Romania’s membership will be formally approved at the EHA AGM in June 2013. EHA looks forward to collaboration with Romania.

Opening of Slovenia’s first Hydrogen filling station

The official opening of the first Hydrogen filling station in Slovenia will take place on 10 September 2013 at the  Petrol service station in Lesce (Hraška cesta 13) in Slovenia.  

FCX Clarity presented in Spain

On 13th June 2011 the Spanish Hydrogen Association organized in collaboration with car manufacturer, Honda the “Official Presentation of the FCX Clarity in Madrid”. The major of Madrid took part in the event as well as the General Director of the Ministry of Industry. The President of the Spanish Association also gave a presentation which explored the status of hydrogen development, deployment, and research in Spain.        

10th edition of the course of hydrogen and fuel cells

Coordinated by the Spanish Hydrogen Association ( and the Energy and Environment ARIEMA, SL ( over 200 students have taken part in the course with the help of professional experts in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The 10th edition began on the 30th of May untill July 8th.

7th edition on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Spanish Hydrogen Association has prepared the seventh edition of an online Hydrogen course. It will be hold from 7th of April to 23rd of May on the Internet, with optional lessons at Tres Cantos (Madrid) from 14th to 17 th of April. There will be a technical visit day on the 18th of April. The course is in Spanish language. For more information and on-line registration:

Hychain project delivers 13 FCV’s to Spanish municpality

The Hychain-Minitrans project, coordinated by Air Liquide, develops fleets of small hydrogen-powered urban vehicles. This project will make it possible for users in four European Union countries – France, Italy, Spain and Germany – to test these vehicles in a real-life situation. In Spain, 13 vehicles powered by a hydrogen fuel cell were delivered to the city of Soria (Castille and León), one of the project’s partners. There are four tricycles, four wheelchairs, four lightweight utility vehicles and one minibus. more

HRS Inauguration Gothenburg, 26 October 2015, Sweden

Oy Woikoski Ab and Hydrogen Sweden as a HIT2 partners invites you to join the inauguration ceremony in Gothenburg on 26st October, 2015. Please, find the programme  

Opening of AGA’s hydrogen gas station, 17 September 2015, Arlanda, Sweden

Hydrogen is an important future national fuel which is extremely environmentally friendly. Cars that run on hydrogen that has been converted into electricity, only emit water vapour. On 17 September, Stockholm’s first and Sweden’s largest hydrogen gas station is opened for fuel cell cars at Arlanda. After the opening ceremony, Toyota’s new hydrogen powered car Mirai will be unveiled as well as Hyundai’s hydrogen powered car iX35. Program: Welcome speech and Opening Ceremony, Bo Dyrvold, Head of AGA’s operations in more

Hydrogen refueling station inaugurated in Arjeplog, Sweden

A new hydrogen refuelling station opened on February 1st 2011 in Arjeplog, Sweden. The opening is a result of costumer desire to test their electric cars with fuel cells in cold climates. Several car manufacturers can already show off hydrogen-powered electric cars that have a performance at the same level of a conventional car with a combustion engine. In 2015, hundreds of thousands of these fuel cell vehicles to roll onto the market, according to some of the major car more

Swiss CityCat H2 sweeps streets really clean!

Empa a Swiss  interdisciplinary research and services institution  for material sciences and technology development, home of the Swiss Hydrogen Association “Hydropole”, and Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) in cooperation with Bucher Schörling, Proton Motor, BRUSA Elektronik AG, and Messer Switzerland have developed a communal vehicle running on hydrogen. „Bucher CityCat H2“ is the first vehicle of this kind in the world with fuel cell drive and will be tested for 18 months in different cities and communities in normal operation. The more


Empa – the Materials Sciences & Technology Department Environment, Energy and Mobility Laboratory for Hydrogen & Energy in collaboration with the Swiss Hydrogen Association, Hydropole is organising the 3rd Hydrogen & Energy Symposium in January 28 .30 2009 in Braunwald, Switzerland. For more information please visit Materials Science & Technology.

Air Liquide to open its first Hydrogen Filling Station in the Netherlands

Air Liquide announces that it is investing in, installing and commissioning a new public hydrogen filling station in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for fuel cell electric vehicles, in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Transport and the Environment.

Hydrogenics Wins Electrolyser Contract for Netherlands Hydrogen Station

Hydrogenics Corporation has announced a contract with Ballast Nedam IPM, awarded at the end of 2011, to supply a HySTAT®30 electrolyser for a Netherlands-based hydrogen fuelling station. The station owner will be WaterstofNet, a non-profit organisation financed by the Flemish and Dutch governments. The electrolyser, which is capable of producing up to 65 kilograms per day of pure hydrogen, is anticipated to be delivered in mid-2012 and be operational by the end of the year. Hydrogenics’ HySTAT electrolyser products have been used in more

South Netherlands and Flanders inaugurate Hydrogen Region

The EHA was invited to the inauguration of the Hydrogen Region Flanders South Netherlands. The Flemish Minister of Industry, Enterprise, Research, Innovation and Trade, Patricia Ceyssens, on April 28, 2009  kicked off project that totals  € 14,1 mln. for three years to develop demonstration projects in the field of sustainable hydrogen production, portable refuelling stations, maritime and road transport vehicles and the use of waste hydrogen. Belgian based companies like  Solvay, Umicore, Hydrogenics, Imec en VanHool are supporting the project. more


Senternovem in the Netherlands is organising a seminar on October 7, 2008 on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Applications in practice with presentations of the results of the EU FP6 projects HYPER, handbook for stationary systems and HyApproval, Handbook for Hydrogen Refuelling stations, that will be presented by the EHA. The meeting will be held at Senternovem form 12:00 uur till 17:00 in Amsterdam. For registration please mail your name tel. and email to

Ukrainian start up of new zirconia-based SOFC looking for investors

The Laboratory for Ceramic Fuel Cells at Ukrainian Frantcevych Institute for Problems of Materials Science. with many years of experience in the field of ceramic fuel cells (SOFC) proposed a new concept to transform phenomena in fuel cells into an instrument for directional influence of degradation processes in virgin CFC materials to enhance and optimize the CFC structure. For this purpose they developed novel zirconia nano-powders and synthesized them starting from abundant Ukrainian zirconia natural resources. New nano-powder was produced at more

European Hydrogen Advent: Ukrainian perspective

As our colleagues in the US recently recently marked October 8 the US  National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, the EHA is kicking of  a new season of promoting the use of hydrogen in Europe by inviting our newest member, the Ukrainian Association for Hydrogen Energy to write the newsletter’s editorial. Drs.Viacheslav Zgonnik president of the association sends us his contribution for this month. Next month we invite Werner Diwald, president of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association to give more

Hydrogen Energy for Ukraine: Ukrainian Hydrogen Association joining the EHA

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Energy Association was founded in 2009 by people who want to change our world to the cleaner one. The aim of the Association is to spread the role of hydrogen in energetic infrastructure of Ukraine. Its co-founder Dr. Viacheslav Zgonnik presented the association in Brussels on May 22, 2015 . He referred to a recent incentive for  tax-free import of electric cars to Ukraine that might benefit fuel cell cars as well.  The UHEA association is applying for EHA membership more

Aberdeen opens UK’s first H2 production and bus refuelling facility

Aberdeen City Council leader Jenny Laing together with BOC’s director of Bulk and Packaged Gases Nathan Palmer (see photo) and Transport Scotland chief executive David Middleton  opened UK’s first H2 productions and fuel cell bus refuelling facility  which will fuel Europe’s largest fuel cell bus fleet. The Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project  has been co-funded by Scottish, UK and European partners: the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK (£2.4million); Scottish Government (£1.7million); Scottish Enterprise (£1.7million); Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH more

New ultra low emission vehicle strategy for the UK

The UK on the 4 September 2013 has launched a strategy to drive forward the ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) industry. The H2Mobility UK first report last April will be a timely contribution to furhter the infrastructure supporting the roll out fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure.

Scots celebrate 5th SHFCA conference September 25-26, 2013

The 5th SHFCA (Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association) annual conference will be held over two days on the 25th and 26th September 2013 in Edinburgh.

UK H2 Mobility releases Phase 1 Results

UKH2Mobility, a new government cross industry programme has released a synopsis of its Phase 1 results.