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HyNor Porsgrunn

Location: Porsgrunn, Norway
Opening date: June, 2007
Pressure: 700 bar

Rotherham Wind Hydrogen Station

Location: Catcliffe, United Kingdom
Opening date: September 2015
Pressure: 350 and 700 bar

HYPE / Pont de l’Alma

Location: Paris, France
Opening date:
Pressure: 700 bar

Multienergy station Bolzano

Location: Bolzano, Italy
Opening date: 2015
Pressure: 350 bar

Holstebro - Non-Road DK

Location: Holstebro, Denmark
Opening date: June, 2011
Pressure: 700 bar

TOTAL Heerstraße 37

Location: Berlin, Germany
Opening date: 2012
Pressure: 700 bar

Hyop Gaustad

Location: Oslo, Norway
Opening date: November, 2011
Pressure: 700 bar

Air Liquide Hydrogen Refueling Station

Location: Rhoon, The Netherlands
Opening date: 2016
Pressure: 70MPa

Holstebro Refueling Station

Location: Holstebro, Denmark
Opening date:
Pressure: 70MPa

As EHA’s  21 national member associations at the AGM on June 30, 2015 in Brussels  will celebrate 15 years of cooperation to push the right national buttons for H2  in their countries, six major oil companies sent a remarkable joint letter to the UNFCCC Executive Secretary and the COP21 President on June 1, 2015. In the letter the 6 companies, Chevron and Exxon Mobil did not join the statement,  urge action on carbon pricing to allow them to accelerate investments in low carbon technologies. Not asking to favor any particular low emission solution, the letter states:

“….. our request to policy-makers as they prepare for the UN talks is not to ask for special treatment for any resource, including natural gas, or any single route to a lower- carbon future. It is rather to ensure that the outcome of these talks leads to widespread carbon pricing in all countries. Carbon pricing policies in every country will stimulate all forms of low-carbon technologies. It will drive energy efficiency as rapid urbanisation increases demand from our cities. It will benefit all sectors including power, mobility, heating and energy-intensive industries along with renewable energy and natural gas, the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. Market forces will operate to favour the least expensive and most efficient ways of reducing carbon in each country or region. Pricing carbon obviously adds a cost to our production and our products – but a stable, long-term, global carbon pricing framework would provide our businesses and their many stakeholders with a clear roadmap for future investments, and a clear role in securing a more sustainable future.”

The letter seems to pick up on a trend that sees increasing engagement of conventional industries and the financial sector to turn the page on the use of fossil fuels. The  German government for example on the same day sent a warning to German banks to keep a close watch on their investments in fossil fuel linked companies as the “carbon bubble” of overvalued companies might destabilize markets. In fact on June 5, 2015 a report by the Carbon Tracker Initiative was published, indicating that the five largest publicly-listed utilities in the EU collectively lost 100 billion euros or more than a third (37%) of their stock market value from 2008 to 2013. Japan on June 2, 2015 pledged to cut 26% of its CO2 emissions compared to 2013 levels and announced last month to firm up its $1.5 billion pledge to the Green Climate Fund, bringing the total covered by signed agreements to $5.47 billion, above the 50 percent threshold. Will the run up to the COP21 in Paris be the hot summer for pushing new technologies to the market?

The dedicated Hydrogen Workshop at the EU TEN T Days in Riga on June 23, 2015, that will highlight the first two TEN T projects (HIT and HIT2 Corridors) linking hydrogen refuelling stations along the main TEN T corridors, is demonstrating the increasing interest of EU’s major infrastructure programs to include hydrogen in the mix. At the last meeting  May 26-28, 2015 in Wuhan, China of the Steering Committee of the International Partnership on  Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in the Economy IPHE,  in Wuhan, China, also demonstrated the increasing hydrogen activities. The EHA supported the six H2igher Edcuational Rounds that saw a record number of students participating at Wuhan Technicla University listening to updates of representatives of IPHe member countries; IPHE awards were presented to the best Doctoral and Master thesis. So in with the new this summer!  Happy and Sunny Environment Day from the EHA team in Brussels.