The European Hydrogen Association elected its new board of members at the recently held General Assembly in the Palais de Academies, 1 Rue Ducale, Brussels as follows:

  • Ian Williamson, AFC Energy, UK Hydrogen Association
  • Javier Brey, Asociacion Espanola del Hidgrogena
  • Johannes Toepler, German Hydrogen Association
  • Magnus Thomasson, Norsk Hydrogen Forum
  • Claude Derive,Association Francaise de l’Hydrogène
  • Massimo Prastaro, ENI Italy
  • Diane Raine, Air Products
  • Marieke Reijalt, H2IT
  • Phillipe Mulard, Air Liquide
  • Bjorn Arronson, Hydrogen Sweden
  • Henning Tomforde, The Linde Group

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